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  • The PnP Tx LiPo pack is back in stock
  • There is a problem. The 9X pins to the module output about 5 volts which is all thats required for 2.4Ghz.  The FM modules use 6 volts so that might cause problems.  Check out the er9x thread on RC Groups - maybe someone there has an idea.
  • If someone can maybe just comment - I am looking at getting this radio, but because of FPV equipment already on 2.4ghz, I would like to stay with 35mhz.

    Can I still get 35mhz modules for the V2 radio?

    Will I be able to still fit a Fm antenna to the V2 radio with the integrated 2.4ghz antenna?

    When upgrading the firmware, are the extra functions only available to the 2.4ghz system, or will I have these functions available in a 35mhz PCM module as well, or is it recommended to keep standard firmware for PCM operation?


  • Thanks
  • Maximum channels on a PPM radio (2.4ghz) is 8, for PCM (FM radios) you can have more channels.

    So for example, if you go with that radio, but use a PCM module and receiver (with stock firmware) you can get 9 channels. However with that radio, (if you upgrade the firmware) you can get even more channels.

  • Can someone please enlighten me as to the 8ch PPM 9ch PCM receiver? Frankily I haven't got the foggiest about these acronyms and am wondering why a channel is being stolen.
  • Guy's have commented that 16 model memories are not enough but at that price one can buy another! When I look at the price of my JR 8310 from a few years ago and the functionality of the 9X it is such a bargain that I will buy another :)
  • Thanks, Chris and Kamu. I came to the conclusion that I should buy a Mode 1 late last night, and ordered it. :) I already have the programmer from SFE, so no extra costs there. The shipping costs were a little bit higher than I would have liked, but $75 total for a decent RX/TX setup doesn't seem too bad. And you're right, the videos/guides for conversion make it look quite easy.
  • This is a real bargain for the money.  The change from mode1 to mode2/3/4 is done in the menu and the hardware change is simply opening the back and swapping the throttle drag plate thing with the spring on the other side.  Buy the mode1 and convert it. It's dead easy.  Then go search for the er9x firmware upgrade. Costs $14.95 for the programmer but It's well worth the hastle.
  • Hi Zach,

    I have not done it personally so I am not the one to ask. If you check out the thread for this radio at RCGroups and search for mode 1 to mode 2 conversion you will find an excellent post. I can't find it for you right at this moment in time.

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