Thanks to our magnificent US allies at Edge Research Lab, we're able to offer a couple of exclusive ringside seats to the forthcoming launch of our Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) mission, including a light aircraft flight as the ballocket payload (seen above with apprentice boffin Katarina) rises majestically above the desert.

Our Kickstarter campaign to take the Vulture 2 spaceplane flight to Spaceport America looks like its going to hit its target, so if you've got a few bucks spare, and your liver can handle it, consider joining us in person for what promises to be an entertaining experience.

There are more details here. If your schedule or your wallet don't stretch to a VIP pass, join the other DIY Drones members who've already generously chipped in to support the cause. We'll be inviting all backers to a shindig in Las Cruces when we arrive, and will bring you details of that in due course.

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  • Thanks for the offer, we'll let you know. Whatever happens, at least come for a beer in Las Cruces

  • If you guys need help with anything while in NM feel free to give me a shout!

  • Yes Gary, we should be streaming live, depending on net availability.

  • Moderator

    If only what a joyous trip that would be. Will there be live streaming as well as spacenearus ?? I shall get some English beer in and watch if so.

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