In recent years, with the rapid popularity of drones, more and more agricultural drones have appeared in farmland. However, due to the high price of the finished drone, many people turn their attention to the assembled drone when purchasing.

For startups or DIY enthusiasts, there are currently two options to save money. The first option is to buy parts from traders, such as frames, flight control remotes, batteries, etc. You can choose different configuration models according to your budget.

This way is cheap, but you should study the configurations and find the proper components, as well as a long time to assemble and debug. You may also face the problems of scattered parts, single function, poor fit and much after-sale problems, which saves money but laborious.

The second option is to choose holistic system solution,which can refer EFT' Z series , It is full set with higher configuration ,but shipping in CKD which is friendly for duty, easier to operate and can get comprehensive technical support. The performence is close to DJI, but the price is about 30% cheaper than finished same level drone.

Watch the video below for details.


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