TwoDee EVO NG brushless dslr gimbal

We did not build that, but you can!


 I would like to introduce TwoDee Evo Ng.It is a dslr sized ( it can be discussed if you notice the photo ) brushless diy gimbal.You can define the size of your gimbal with 4 pieces carbon booms.

We want to produce  low cost and customizable gimbal when we design the TwoDee EVO NG.It must be tough,rigid and robust .Other hand it must be easy to balance and user friendly.

  Everyone uses thousand kinds of multicopters,helicopters and camera setups.TwoDee EVO NG should be a solution about camera sizes and necessary space for additional equipments.

 Finally we decide on that :

twodee-evo-ng-brushless-dslr-gimbal-assembled.jpg?width=600 There are 2 screws for balancing each axis.Camera space depends on users decision.All axises move on 2 bearings for best results.Default motor is 5208 and it has enough power for almost all cameras and lenses.And finally price,under $1000..You can find detailed information at: TwoDee EVO NG 

 Any ideas or suggettions?



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  •  @Ran,
    You can mount it with top plate.There are 4x 12mm diameter clamps for mounting dji style mounting booms.


  • Hi, how to mount it to different UAS platforms? Do you have a mounting adapter?  

  • Some videos available:

  •  it is 1580gr full configuration with iflight's 3x 5208-180t & basecam 32bit controller. 

  • What's the weight?

  • @Teddy Max inner height of TwoDee NG is 180mm. You can use all setups up to 180mm height and 2000 grams. 


  • Hi Ozan. Thanks for getting back to me.
    A better way to ask that would be what is the maximum height of the camera? I use a rig to support the lenses I use, and this adds ~75mm to the height of a camera.
  •  We use it with 6S. If you check the link you can see at the technical docs it works with 25V 


  • Does the standard 32-bit board support 6S?  I thought it was only 4S.

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