DUBAI // Aerial drones could be used to deliver vital documents and medicines within a year.

Two prototypes of the small, unmanned craft were unveiled at the Government Summit on Monday.

“What these things are best suited for is delivery of small, light value things that are time sensitive, like medicines, identification documents, vital papers and things of that nature,” said Dr Noah Raford, special adviser to the Office of the Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid.

“Technology is moving very fast. Largely like any design, this is an experimental process and we are testing various ideas and options and looking to explore how they will be useful, and making sure we can cover some of the contingencies so we can use them some day for government delivery.”

Abdulrahman Alserkal, the Emirati engineer who designed the project, said fingerprint and eye-recognition security systems would protect the drones and their cargo.

Dr Raford said the UAE would be able to use drones for civilian purposes, unlike in other countries where they had run into problems.

“The issues are not technical but regulatory. We have lot more freedom to design a regulatory system that is safe and responsible and achieves the 21st-century goal to deliver advanced services.”

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  • Nice to hear from you Erik!

  • This comment is very very very very late, but thank you guys for your support, comments, and clearly pointing out whose frame this is.  And, thanks Gary, for that last comment.

    - Erik

    Safeflight Copters

  • The Safeflight is a really nice simple vacuum formed design.

    Especially sad that they had to go out of business just about the time the industry is likely to grow up enough to make this kind of construction mandatory in a lot of real world applications.

    Being ahead of your time is not always rewarded.

  • I know.  what a bummer!  I love the idea of fully protected props.  I hope someone else with the manufacturing chops runs with this idea.  I can't believe this has been the only solution so far.  

  • Yes, sadly they called it quits on February 7, 2014.

    It is yet another good idea that fell victim to the economic$ of the hobby market.

    Unlike Hula-Hoops, Super Balls, and Vegamatics, hobby aviation i$ not a ma$$ con$umer market, not even on a global $cale.


  • Developer
    Maybe SafeFlightCopters would have done better with a RTF model. You just need to look at the RTF/PNF solutions to see a large number of people want to fly only, the building part is not that appealing to them (I confess the building part for me is the part i find enjoyable!)

    Shame they are out of business, we need more 'safe' frame designs
  • I am bummed about this news. Almost ready for a first flight with one of Erik's frames. Maybe someone in UAE or elsewhere will offer funding.

  • :(  I'm scared to fly my safeflightcopter now.  It's irreplaceable.

  • Developer

    Sadly, safeflight copters is out of business... 

  • Developer

    Looks like a safeflight copter frame.

This reply was deleted.