UAV Exhibit at the National Air and Space Museum

It's all about expectations, I suppose, but even knowing that I have to admit disappointment.  We just got back from a visit to the National Air and Space Museum on the mall in Washington DC.  If you have never been there, you really need to go.  This isn't about the museum in general--we have been there many times.  One reason I wanted to go this time was to see the UAV exhibit.  Other than one small display case with an RQ-14A Dragon Eye, what you see in the photo above is pretty much it.  In hindsight, I can't say what I expected other than "more."  More information, more artifacts (maybe a sensor pod or two), more history.  To add insult to my self-imposed injury (It's about expectations, remember?), the gallery beneath the hanging UAVs was closed--no chance of getting  photos from different angles.

So, what is the point of this post?  One, misery loves company, so please feel bad with me.  Two, if you happen to be planning a trip mainly to see this exhibit, you might want to hold off.

Here's a LINK that gives info on the UAVs in the exhibit.  My photos aren't all that great, but here are a few more:


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  • Looks like fun, but you are right, the lack of size of this exhibit is disappointing, especially in light of the overall expanse of the facility as a whole.

  • that  is  a  good thing  for uav fans

  • In time we hope this would improve ;)
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