UAV for cigarette smuggling

3689595528?profile=original Lithuanian modeller drone made ​​from foam and plywood .

The aircraft had a wingspan of 4 meters, was equipped with a motor and a GPS-navigator and radio control. Load capacity - 10 kg.

3689595562?profile=originalThe estimated cost of such a machine - about $ 8,000 . Disassembled drone in the minibus brought across the border from Lithuania to Russia.


On Russian territory to the airplane attached box with 50 cartons of cigarettes and sent to Lithuania. At this stage of the campaign creative smugglers international Russian - Lithuanian group and was foiled by vigilant border guards.

Experts have long anticipated expanding the range of delivery vehicles due to smuggling of aeronautical vehicles. Although most of them predicted the emergence of more conventional devices of this kind : balloons or trikes . Makeshift drone came as a surprise.


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  • $8000 cost estimate - I wonder how they come up with that. The cost of engines and electronics are hardly more than 1-2 thousand, unless I am mistaken
  • All this trouble for just a box of cigarettes? The value of the lost equipment is worth a lot more
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