Dear DIYDrones community, 

Please refer to the information below from the UAViators operations page for potential response to Hurricane Patricia which is scheduled to make landfall in SW Mexico this afternoon or early evening pacific time.  


The purpose of this Operations page is to facilitate information sharing and coordination during humanitarian UAV deployments. For immediate assistance during a disaster, please email Patrick Meier.

How to use the Ops page:

  • If you are a humanitarian professional looking for aerial imagery of a specific disaster area(s):
  • If you are a UAV operator:
  • Obtain the necessary legal permits to operate and follow the Code of Conduct.
  • Please add yourself to the Pilot Roster and add a comment below to confirm that you are available for deployment.
  • If you already have imagery that you believe would be useful to responders, please add specifics in your comment below.
  • Aerial videos and individual photographs can be added directly to Check the UAViators Crisis Map.

TO: All UAV pilots in Mexico (or headed to Mexico)
RE: Category 5 Hurricane Patricia

  • Please post a reply if you are deploying
  • Join the Humanitarian UAV Network's Pilot Roster [Link]
  • Respect Mexico's UAV Regulations and Authorities [Link]
  • Follow the Humanitarian UAV Code of Conduct & Guidelines [Link]
  • Read "Humanitarian UAV Missions: Towards Best Practices" [Link]
  • Post aerial pictures and videos to the Humanitarian UAV Crisis Map [Link]
  • Post orthorectified mosaics to Open Aerial Map (OAM) [Link]

Please contact us (patrick@UAViators.org) if you would like to share 3D models. Thank you.

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  • @Andrew Murphy: I think UAViators would be much more likely to have that contact. DroneDeploy does not.

  • Thank you all for replying. Right now we're monitoring the situation. As needs arise we will be in touch. Please check back at the Operations page for Hurricane Patricia at UAViators for more information and guidelines.

  • I am currently on call for my disaster response organization. That said, if we are not called out I would be willing to help in any way possible. I personally feel there is a significant potential benefit for UAS in emergency response operations. 

  •  Does UAViators or DroneDeploy have contact with emergency response organizations or Mexican Government in the area? A list of available pilots and equipment would be a helpful asset when they eventually coordinate the rescue effort and need to start planning flights to assist in the recovery. 

  • Hello all, if anyone's got any aerial mapping data (geotagged JPEG imagery w/ proper overlap) they need to process from the hurricane aftermath, use DroneDeploy and we'll process it fast and for free.

    You just need to sign up for a free account and then use Map Engine to upload your imagery on the DroneDeploy dashboard.

    Please always fly safe as post-disaster there will be manned aircraft flying in close vicinity to stricken areas and coordination with them is an absolute must.

    Stay safe,

    The DroneDeploy team

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