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  • @Mario, agree.

    While this is really great technology, I fear that it actually won't help in the case of the biggest risk for collision between manned and unmanned aircraft.  Crop dusters, kit planes, ultralights, and other cowboy private pilots flying very low with no transponder and no radio.  

  • Nice, waiting for the product!

  • @David: we were all wondering......

  • ADS-B Automatic Dependant Surveilance - Broadcast

    Just in case anyone was wondering

    Sort of like a modern version of the old aviation transponders, but everyone can see them, and don't depend on the radar system.

    Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast
    Automatic dependent surveillance—broadcast (ADS–B) is a surveillance technology in which an aircraft determines its position via satellite navigation…
  • great step towards the safety issue. the prime concern as of now. the best part is that it is P&P with pixhawk. eventually we can have the Arducopter with a feature that if it detects the aircraft within certain distance it can make the multicopter to land or to decent to a very low height autonomously. which should be a very minor modification to the code and a major safety feature.

  • Another problem is hang gliders, sky divers etc, it'll be quite a while until everyone is carrying an ADS-B.

  • Developer

    Congrats to uAvionix!

    I think it's a good product.  It's small, light and nearly completely plug-and-play with a Pixhawk (just a parameter needs to be set to enable it).  Anything we can do to make the vehicles safer is a good thing and will contribute to our image of working to avoid the risks to non-flyers (even if those fears are sometimes a bit exaggerated).

    I've also noticed that it didn't pick up a helicopter that fly near my house a couple of months ago and I'm sure, as Mario says, it's 'cuz those vehicles don't have an ADS-B transmitter.

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    This will be great for BVLOS operations, but my main concern is still "off the grid" helicopters around here. All of the manned aircraft I'm concerned about in our area wouldn't show up (from what I'm told) if we had an ADS-B receiver, and a few of them don't carry radios either.
    I'm not really concerned about the planes coming into a coordination zone at anything over 2k feet, but these crop dusters that come rolling over a hill at 300ft with no comms scare the hell out of me.
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