Ublox GPS boards

OK firstly... I'm a total electronic nube.No jokes!I do how ever have something that might help people who want the ublox modules but who are not "PRO's".As a student i do have a lot of time and found this in one of my favourite shops.http://www.rfdesign.co.za/pages/5645456/Products/GPS-Products/Receiver-Boards.aspThey have a whole bunch of Ublox GPS boards.The boards feature onboard power regulators, ic drivers, Bla,don't know what they are,Bla serial ports,USB ports ect.I do believe we are however interested in the serial ports, and even more so in one of the boards that feature 2 serial datalines 2Tx 2Rx. eg.http://www.alphamicro.net/resources/u-blox/RCB-4H_Data_Sheet%28GPS.G4-MS4-06034%29.pdfThere are other boards also available with the new 5H ect.Hope this is of useGerritP.s. The boards are really cheap. devide the price by 7.8 to get $

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  • Hi

    Yup. I'm also a great fan of RF Design... You might also look at their smaller LEA-5H boards - I'm using one for an autopilot project at the moment and for development, that seems to be the way to go. I'm using one of the onboard UARTs, but programming the receiver through the USB port.. very convenient.
    For the final board the bare uBlox modules are easy enough to solder by hand, and they need a bare minimum of external components..
    And the price is great....
  • I think so... the module can be programmed to send data(any config) through the 2 serial lines.
    The reference board that sparkfun sells is also attainable.. but only has one serial and one USB port
  • thats very interesting and thanks for posting this, hey jordi anyway to integrate the ublox to this board and use the pin outs to connect to ardupilot and also to telemetry ?
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