Ublox GPS questions

Hi guys,I've been waiting for the Ublox GPS to come back in stock at sprakfun but that seems to be taking ages.What's new on the Ublox GPS, is DIYdrones taking up the Ublox GPS in store together with the antenna? Or should we wait untill sparkfun has them back in stock?I also read somewhere that Jordi is making some kind of gizmo adapter in a way that non-pros' can use the Ublox as well without the fiddly soldering job? Not that it will be a big problem but I like it easy.I've been actually waiting for a couple of weeks now on the Ublox GPS becasue this is the GPS I want to use on my easystar UAV.
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  • A passive antenna simply collects the RF and passes it to the output. Whereas an active antenna has a built-in amplifier to amplify the incoming RF signal.
  • too late for me, after 1 hour, all the 9 units gone :(
  • Sparkfun just got 10 units back in stock. Actually 9 because I already ordered mine :).

    C'mon Jordi, Any news on the special adapter for the uBlox?
  • Hi Che,

    What's the difference active / passive? I'm a bit hesitating because I don't wanna mix up components from different systems which might prove in the end not to work. Í'm a complete no-know on electronics and just want to copy Jordi's system because his system works.
  • If you are looking to get boards similar to what SparkFun carried, you can find them at my shop here: http://chebuzz.com/paparazzi/index.php?main_page=product_info&c...
    The only difference is that these have an active antenna instead of a passive one.
  • I would like to buy from littlebirdelectronics but their customer service never reply my email :(
  • I found them in stock at the place in AU that sells sparkfun stuff. 116.90 AUD = $93 USD
    They say in stock
  • last I heard from Sparkfun is that the Ublox will be available on 21st Aug :)
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