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  • I have two requests for CSGShop given that this is pretty much the only place you can buy uBlox breakout boards anywhere.  First, would you please post pinout diagrams and connector types for each product on your website?  Second, please make a breakout product for the new NEO-M8L dead-reckoning module including a connection for the wheel tick sensor input.  This could be very useful for the Ardurover users.

  • My completely non technical evaluation was that despite what it said as far as number of sats and hdop I did not see any actual flight performance such as better loiter. It seemed inconsistent. 

  • ahaaaaaaa...thx

  • gpsd is daemon used as driver in linux oprating system

  • What is gpsd ?gpsd version?

  • what about the suitable gpsd version,or there is another daemon??

  • You can use uart interface and sent configuration command from MCU

  • how send the configuration message from arm processor to u-blox M8 GPS

  • hi

    i want to ask about the version of gpsd used with ublox-M8 GPS

  • CSG please check this,can you upgreade too?

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