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Udrones is happy to announce the launch of it’s first products for the amateur UAVs/DIYdrones community.


We specialize in ready to fly/out of the box systems, either assembled and tested Ardupilot systems kits or fully functional drones.


For our opening, we are pleased to offer fully  functional Ardupilot-Mega Systems and for this occasion we have seven Arducotpers V1.0, all of them, ready to fly, fully tested, and ready to configure with your radio (minor configuration needed).


We really hope that you will enjoy these great products that the community is developing and supporting, thanks to all of us. Starting this Thursday February 10th. As of mid-March we will begin the constant supply of Arducotpers.


For more information visit and log in to our website www.udrones.com 


Udrones is a company based in Tijuana, Mexico and fully supported by DIYdrones Store in San Diego, CA. (ask Jordi). :)


Comments and questions are very welcomed.




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  • Will udrones sell apm2 and 3dr radios in mexico? I looked the site and they're not curretly available.

  • I found these instructions for embedding a google spreadsheet in a web page:


  • oh okay that makes sense i guess i made some assumptions.
  • oh yeah i know the the quad rc2 is public im wondering if they are using the arducopter mega code the is still being developed.
  • @David   Thanks!  @navi gator   We're all waiting for the release of Arducopter Mega Code, is going to be great, but you can use APM 1.4 on any vehicle since it's release, including Arducopter.
  • navi gator: klick on Arducopter on top of this page ;)

    you'll see, it's public

  • Site working now (10:30 PM EST) but image on blog is dead.
  • how is that you guys are running the ardupilot mega with a quad and they haven't released it yet to the public
  • Link not working 10PM EST 2/8/11
  • T3
    ITAR circumvention Jordi?
This reply was deleted.