UgCS Public Beta is available!

3689572856?profile=originalHi DIYDrones community!


UgCS is Universal Ground Control Software for mission planning and execution independently from drone manufacturers.

At the moment we have performed extensive field tests on microdrones, ardrone, arducopter.

Presentation on features and architecture is available on SlideShare

We've released our beta version and happy to announce that it is accessible for beta testers. Please register on our website and you'll get access to "Download" area inside "Products & Services" section. Please visit us at

For those who wish to go deeper SDK is available.

At the moment Windows is available, Linux will follow shortly.

Please join UGCS group here on as support and Q&A will be provided under it for the public beta and later Open(free) version of UGCS.

For latest news please follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn

Thank you!

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  • I think i just wait until you fix that antivirus issue.

  • Hi,

    For now please disable antivirus while downloading and installing UGCS. By next version we will fix this issue with occasional false positives.

    Further support we will provide through UGCS group here on DIYDrones

    Please post your questions and inquiries there!

    Thank you!

  • @JAB, i know :)  DNS spoofing is a bigger problem of course. Just wanted to point out another angle of the issue :)

  • Developer

    @Tommy, that's just outlook thinking that using a IP address directly is 'scary' since they are 'mysterious' for normal users. But the normal use of URL and domain names is in fact less secure, since it can be spoofed.

  • Norton version is

  • Hi Alexei,

    these are the details:

    Filename: ugcs-1.0.exe
    Threat name: Suspicious.Cloud.7.EP
    Signature - SHA:

    Hope you find whats wrong!


  • 3692942574?profile=original

    It's Outlook that reports this to me. I'm working everyday with network security and always take my precautions :)

  • Hi,

    no, this is not a hack attack. We are a real company. If you'll provide us with the name of the browser or antivirus we'll try to investigate on that issue.

    Thank you

    UgCS team

  • I also get many warnings for this site and for the confirmation email after registering. This isn't a hack attack?

  • Nicolas thank you for the information. Could you please provide us also with Norton version and suspicious filename to check the issue.

    Thank you
    UgCS team
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