UHF Spectrum Analyzer with OpenBee

Hi Guys,

OpenBee modules ready and in stocks today. I just tested Dennis Frie's spectrum analyzer firmware and software over OpenBee. It is working perfect!. The original code a part of OpenLRS RC Receivers and OpenBee using same RF module and pinouts with OpenLRS project, this is why the code working without any problem. :)

In this video, I'm using 1W UHF radio on 459.075Mhz, and analyzer scanning 455-465Mhz band.

You can download the codes (Telemetry and Spectrum Analyzer) and software from OpenBee repository 

And upload into OpenBee easily

Here is the details of Dennis Frie's Spectrum Analyser project:

And OpenBee product page: 

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  • Hi Justin,

    We are already testing 1W modules on OpenLRS project and I'm planning to building 1W telemetry modules but not in 1-2 months. 1W modules sucking 800mA at 3.3v and generating a lot of  heat on standard linear or LDO voltage regulators. We are using a TracoPower DC/DC regulator for solution and cost is 17$ for us!!!  
    I can sell 1W OpenBee but really hard to supplying it for you :/ 
    And everyone asking about frequency regulations and 1W telemetry is a devil for most of country :)

  • Are you planning to offer the 1W radios for sale? Or only the 100mw radios?

  • :) yes, one man show is a must

  • Developer

    @Melih, I know. I am on same boat with you :)

  • @Jani: Schematic ready :)

  • Everything :) 
    But i'm writing code, designing electronics, making web pages, writing blogs ........
    This is why i need few hours for finishing it. Currently i'm uploading traffic test video, then i will share another blogpost here about traffic test.

    During this time, you can download my OpenLRS RX's schematics, Design is similar. 
    Thanks you for understanding.

  • Developer

    Melih, you say that it's open source but there are no schematics/pcb layout available. Is there plans to open hardware or just use open software?

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