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  • Here you go, we shot some footage and still images in 360, from a DJI flamewheel. We used an array of six cameras mounted spherically and developed by our partners 360Heros.


    Still image of Hawthorne Bridge here: Aerial Technology International

    Video flying under and over Hawthorne Bridge:360Heros

  • Here is another one with gopros:

  • Funny... I was just reading an article and IP description today for a Croatian company that does image stitching of multiple spherically distorted video sequences in custom FPGA hardware in realtime... it's being deployed in automobiles with corner cameras and fish-eye lenses for complete 360 degree real time video (which is rectified and mapped to a clean 2D complete panorama of the vehicle), then output to dashboard screen or projected on to windscreen HUD. Ah, gone are the days of having to turn your head to look in your blind spot! ;)

  • On another note, this kind of high-res panorama could be a valuable tool in the future if utilized by UAV aircraft for purposes of S&R or similar surveys.

    The missions could be launched and completed in short order, with the bulk of the time consuming task of analyzing the imagery produced during the sortie happening afterwards....allowing observation persons the ability to pan around and make use of the enhanced capability in finding and inspecting potential targets of interest.

    ~~~" Oh my, Jim Bob !!!!   I didnt see this at 1st, but WOW look at the boobs on that girl!!...lets get a better angle here,!"

  • No telling as there are several ways to get similar effect with panorama...

    The magic here, to me, is final publishing work integrating an interactive java or flash player to the video stream available. Without the interactive elements to the player (flash, java, or other active-x object) the video at best would just be a 'fish-eye' movie of aerial obs...

  • guys,

    here is the link: 360 Video. History of Creation

    just read :)

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    If multiple cameras are used and they are calibrated (so we know a pixel of a photo of a camera, goes directly to x,y position of the 360 image), I think making a 360 movie could be done using fairly less CPU power and realtime.  

  • post flight fx and composing, in fpv for real time this would take some serious cpu power. i like it however.

  • What I found interesting they have a high tec camera  taking video of the chopper yet the observer in the helicopter is using high power binoculars to see objects on the ground? Kind of "Stone Age?"

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    Watching the raw file is a lot less work.

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