UltraESC 20A



Started to test T-Motor MN3110-17 700KV with 12X40 Tiger CF props for my new Y6 build, but my 30A simonk flashed ESC was getting so hot on 3S lipo and after trying 4S it got cooked. ESC32 was next in the test and performed well no heat and no problem running with this motor, but its too big to fit inside the center plates, looked around for something much smaller and Felix and Paul from had exactly what I was looking for.

It is small, even with the capacitor it's half the size of regular 20-30A esc, (now I'm thinking about using 20mm tubes and fitting esc inside)


Did few tests here and on 4S without any cooling it won't go over 20°C. 

Another cool feature is the Configurator (Google Chrome extension so it will run on any OS ,not mobile ) 

And the best feature is Spin Direction option so no more resoldering :)



Also if someone looking for experimenting with 3D copters, this esc will run in reversible mode with modified props.

Here is warthox going crazy as usual:


more info at and



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  • 3692907235?profile=originalOk I did it!

    YOU CAN FLASH YOUR apm (2.0 IN MY CASE,BUT 2.5 AND 2.6 WORKS AS WELL) and use it as programmer for uploading new firmwere to your esc...there is no problem flashing arducopter code to APM afterwards...

    with above method and Oliw blheli I have Turnigy plush 40A(supporting fully damped mode) with BLHeli firmvere(revision 10.4 from oliw)


  • software for Ultra ESC is the same as we use for AlexMos boards for brushless gimbal,should be possible to add that options of reading current etc.with BLFlashed esc

  • 3692906881?profile=originalWhy don't we rather discuss how to flash normal ESC with BLHeli firmwere and APM board...

    its explained here

    "I guess the crius aio has an Arduino Bootlaoder installed, so...

    1. Start BlHeli-Setup. Select Menu "Interface" -> "Serial Interface".
    2. Tab "Serial Interfaces / Boxes" will show up. Please go here and select the right comport for the Arduino (crius aio).
    3. Now select in the lowest combo box "ATMega2560" and click "Make Arduino General".
    4. Select for Singe ESC Mode: "Arduino_m2560_16_PB2PB3vxx.hex" or "Arduino_m2560_16_PB3PB4vxx.hex"; for Multi ESC Mode:"Arduino_m2560_16_MULTI8v1xx.hex" and click "Open".
    5. Now AVRdude will flash the firmware and show the "Information" window afterwards. The Arduino Firmware is done now.
    6. When You try a "Read setup" now, the warning window will show, that the connection to the Arduino is established, but the ESC can not be found yet.
    7. Now it is time to connect the ESC as shown in the Pinout PDF (see "Show Pinout..." either under Menu "?" or on the Tab "Serial Interfaces / Boxes".

    For further protocol information please activate the "Expert mode" (Menu "Options"). If You have problems with the connection, you may save the log ("Log"->"Save to file") and post the *.tlg file.

    Edit for using the SPI Interface connections use "Arduino_m2560_16_PB2PB3vxx.hex".

    I ménage to flash APM 2.0 but I cant connect to esc...pins wich shold work on APM(A0-white wire to signal line,black to A0 ground line and red to A1 ,A2;A3.....) just do not...any ideas?....Crashpilot 1000 can u help me I know u did it some time ago...I have no other toolstick or arduino but APM 2.0

  • Yeahh, Warthox the inofficial flyduino sales man, flying mwii with 16Bit mixing talking about resolution steps, ok.

    All I am saying is that instead of putting twice the money down flyduino throat you can have a good flying machine for half the esc prize. (like etc.)

    Well Randy ANY ESC will provide your with adaequate feedback for your projects if you ask the FW producer for it.

  • Developer


         I've been looking to add support for feedback from the ESCs into ArduCopter for some time but we've never had an ESC that can do it.  Maybe it's finally arrived! 

  • @ Crashpilot1000 - even if u use the ultraesc in 3d mode the input pwm range/resolution for the half throttle way (mid to max or mid to min) is higher as the full throttle range/resolution of a simonk esc used in normal mode (min to max).

    the ultraesc outperforms every other esc i used so far (eg normal bl esc, simonk esc, esc32).

    its like the step from a normal bl esc to simonk but now from simonk to ultraesc.

  • Developer

    @ Crashpilot1000 its $35 without vat... but you are right there is cheaper clones and reflashed esc, but like a said 30A simonk esc got cooked with this motors... I think extra $15 is not that much for original design (and not cloned, reflashed rebranded ... ), also made in Europe, with good quality control...

    @ Randy There is i2c option, I think Felix will update the documentation for that soon.

  • What would be perfect is if someone designed an efficient ESC that was slim enough to fit inside 25mm carbon tubes and still take a 6S lipo @ day someone will do it!

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