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Unboxing the Feiyu FY-3ZT IMU autopilot

As promised ("take one for the team") I bought one of the Feiyu FY-3ZT autopilots from Hooks at FPVFlying.com, and it arrived today.

I haven't had a chance to test it (the software only runs on Windows XP right now, and I don't have any XP boxes), but here are the unboxing photos:

The instructions don't look too bad for a Chinese product.

Here are the parts:

--The three boxes in the middle are the (top) IMU, (middle) Remote Adapter and (bottom) Autopilot controller. Only the IMU and the Autopilot go in the plane. The Remote Adapter is for the ground station.

--Hooks also threw in a 433mhz 500 mW long range modem (black modules at left). I have no idea if they're legal in the US!

--There is also an OSD module (FY-OSD); I'm not sure if that's part of the basic kit or Hooks just being generous to me again.

--The GPS module is one of those very small Locosys deals (MC-1513). I'm not a huge Locosys fan, but we'll see how this performs.

--And the thing with the two red Deans plugs looks like a power/current monitor.

--All the rest is all the necessary cables, antennas and mounting bits.

Of course I took the boxes apart. Each one has an AMR7 processor. The IMU has the usual 3-axis accelerometer, a 2-axis gyro and a 1-axis yaw gyro. The controller board has a absolute pressure sensor. All the markings on the chips are obscured with black varnish so I don't know what kind they are.

I've got to fly off to Europe again tomorrow (Paris this time), so I won't get a chance to start testing until next week.

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  • thats great but how much the price ?

  • Yea this looked like a real promising thread. BTW an IMU just because its called a IMU doesnt mean it doenst have its own nav processor and actually computes attitude and navigates. We have IMUs in our aircraft and they all produce usable navigation outputs. They also output the Delta velocities and the Delta thetas or angles. It depends on where in the system the engineer decide to use the outputs. A stand alone unit like a Litton LN100 produces a usable attitude and navigation output. The Litton IMU part of the Embedded GPS/IMU only puts out Delta V's and Delta thetas to the nav processor which takes the inputs from both the GPS and the IMU and puts the data into a Kalman filter for a smoothed Navigation solution. SHould the GPS lose sats or become unusable then the kalman filter will only ge the IMU inputs for the solution and that is noted to the pilot.

    Typically these very small IMUs only produce delta V's and delta thetas so you need to have a nav processor to do the math as it were. We ALL should be blending these answers to get a smoothed navigation solution. Hopefully that is whats going on at Feiytech.

  • Moderator

    I'm not sure Chris ever use it in a plane! Maybe he can tell what's inside the chip.. ;-)


    Yes I'm using it with the new GCS. I will try make some documentation video soon.


    Here is one from Simon (AUS)

    Avitus FY-3ZT Flight test from Simon Butterworth on Vimeo.

  • Yes, did anyone ever fly one of these?
  • Wondering what happened to this thread that seemed so promising in the beginning?
  • Better way - start out with a stable platform w/symmetrical airfoil for proof of performance and then move the c.g. back for stability testing. Got one almost ready to go with both FY & ARDU AP's installed but "No Time To Test 'Em" (a la All Electronics famous SoCal surplus store)! Currently wrapped up w/full scale AP testing - totally different animal, drift correction handled by onboard Doppler Radar and Daylight Star Tracker - no use for the 'lowly' GPS!
  • Hooks,

    thanks for sharing.I've seen these videos before on RCG.

    I'm looking for a review of an independent person with a less stable platform than the Skywalker.

    A Funjet or Stryker as a platform would make my decision much easier.
  • Brakar,I'm asking myself the same question.
    Chris was gonna do a review but not till september or so.

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