UNIVERSAL 6 position mode switch for ANY TX !

Well, technology is developing fast, but one issue always remains: how to config the TX to allow 6 modes...

Here is a 6 modes switch for ANY Transmitter !

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3689464543?profile=originalThe idea is to have 4 trimmers to allow precise setting of the wanted PWM value for every mode, while the first and last modes are directly set automatically.

We have made a package with the smallest mode switch, so it could fit in most transmitters in the market, and four precision trimmers to go along with.

We offer the product in two versions:

DIY version (all parts needed)

Ready made soldered version

They have been tested together to work well, and installed in a Turnigy 9x radio, and gave great results and easy setup with the APM software !


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  • If I buy the DIY one, will it come with a wiring diagram?

  • Of course, the switch must replace an existing continuous potentiometer on your TX.

    you can't replace a 2 or 3 position switch with this one and expect it to work, though it might, depends on the TX.

  • Tried this on a spectrum DX6i, some time ago, no luck, software on the transmitter needs to be changed :(

    I just changed the ardu code to different combination of binary switches

  • This is a rearly good idea


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