Dear All,
We've just launched an international competition in partnership with the Omidyar Network and would very much value your kind help in sharing this new opportunity far and wide.
As the name -- Unusual Solvers -- suggests, we are not looking for the same, usual suspects to pitch their solutions. Our hope with this competition is to connect with local, talented individuals from the Global South, and specifically those who are rarely if ever part of such competitions. This is why we need this opportunity to be communicated far and wide, i.e., well beyond our own immediate networks.
Many thanks for your kind support.
With gratitude,
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  • Thanks for your kind feedback, DJ. 

    As you'll have noted from reading the post, the challenges are linked in the above post (see UnusualSolvers.org). As you'll have noted from reading the above post, the challenges are primarily geared towards local talent in the Global South. If you're from the Global South or have worked extensively in the Global South, you'll already know that USD 200K goes a very long way. Unusual Solvers is a not-for-profit initiative focused on enabling locally-led solutions in the Global South. Herox is obviously a very different setup. I'm not sure that a comparison is particularly apt.

    In any event, you are of course in no way obliged to participate in challenges that offer less than anything less than USD 100,000,000 in prizes. Either way, I wish you all the best and lots of success in your work.

    Thanks again and very best wishes,


  • Over $200K in prizes

    is not much since you don't publish your challenges.

    Herox is coming with $100M+ in prizes an d still not attracting many inventors, developers since challenges look virtual as self-promotion.

    $10, $20, $100 is a real prize, you are ready to pay

    since in our hard times, populated by millions of poor, nobody donates $Ts to third parties for free

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