Here is another update on the development of the DroidPlanner Android GCS. To download the app go to Google Play, and consider donating to the project by purchasing the donation app.

I'm developing the app to behave very much like Mission Planner, but only with the functions needed on the field. Some of the improvements are:

  • A HUD that mimics Mission Planner, with easy to read information. Data like current and target altitude, curent and target Ground Speed (and Air Speed), heading, flight mode, distance to next waypoint, next waypoint, roll and pitch.
  • A flight map with the drone position (rotation and flight path included), current mission waypoints.
  • Guided mode by long clicking a position on the map.
  • Menu to change the current flight mode and waypoint.
  • Offline maps - Loaded from tiles saved on the SDcard
  • Publishing the app on Google Play, for an easier installation and update.
  • Clean-up of most of the code.


I'm doing the development with the help of HAL simulation in X-plane, that helps to generate a simple interface to use in the field (since I'm always testing with a plane in simulated flight and the APM board). I haven't done any field test's since I'm waiting for my RF modules arrive from 3DRobotics. 


One point I would like to share is that I can fly the PT60 from X-plane using only the information from the Tablet, and in manual mode (but since there isn't the latency of the RF link this my not be possible in real life).



I haven't used it in the field, so be careful if you want to try that ( and please share the results). I'm posting the current state of the app to have some feedback (and hopefully someone interest in to helping me).

If you find some bug or have a idea for improvement add it to the Issue list on github. And if you want to help the code is on GitHub, and has a very simple build process ( Everything is in Java and compiles with the standard Android SDK).


To test the app you need TCP access to the telemetry stream, take a look here to see how to do that.


Obs: I'm using some of the Mission Planner Icons, if the developers have a problem with this contact me and I'll change them.

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  • Developer

    Dimitri S

    It may work on the latest version (v1.1.0), if not it's probably just a mater of adding the device to the devices.xml file on the source.

    i don't have any plans to add support to it since I never needed to use it, but here is how to build the code if you want to give it a try:

  • I was wondering if you had any plans of adding support for the silabs ftdi chip?


    This will show you what I am talking about. The video even shows my tablet

  • thanks Arthur.

    I appreciate the offer. Not sure I know enough about any of this stuff to really use it.

    If your looking to do a wifi version I would be interested in tracking your progress.Still I want to be able to stream both the video and mavlink data. My goal is to construct a ground station with a wifi router that streams both data types to my tablet.

    I find this hobby is chock full of opportunities. Far more fun then anything I have done in the past.

  • Developer

    @Richard Gardner

    I never build that board, but I got a prototype up and running.  It's all there if you want to give a try.

    But I'm coming up with a WiFi board, that will be out soon.

  • Thanks Arthur.

    I don't want to use Droidplanner. While I have an Android pan, I have a military grade windows Tablet that's perfect for field work, in fact its actually used for drones in the field. I simply want to get the Mavlink data into an Ethernet format that can be transferred via my wifi router at the same time I wan to stream my FPV video over the wifi as well. This would allow my tablet to run Mission planner and be free of external antennas just as the military does. I get the impression I can take a 3dr telemetry device and connect it to a Serial to Ethernet adapter that would allow this to happen. When I complete my next build I will get an additional air module and serial adapter and give it a shot.

    Anyway, thats why I was curious about EthernetGCS

  • Developer


    The EthernetGCS could do that, but the project was never built. Right now you have the option to use an Android device running DroidPlanner to connect to your drone.

    I'm working on a Bluetooth solution that will be ready soon, just wait a couple of weeks.

  • Sorry I am referring to the EthernetGCS device

  • Hi there.

    Trying to determine if this will allow me to take the 3dr data and make it available over wifi so that my Windows Tablet running Mission Planner can make use of it. Perhaps I am think, but I am just not making the connection

  • Hi Arthur,Great admiration for your outstanding work!we are currently using the Hi-Power WiFi router(1000mw) as a in air AP, which makes the solution much simpler and shows the advantage of your App. could you add me in your frend list so we can chat by message pls?

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