Here is another update on the development of the DroidPlanner Android GCS. To download the app go to Google Play, and consider donating to the project by purchasing the donation app.

I'm developing the app to behave very much like Mission Planner, but only with the functions needed on the field. Some of the improvements are:

  • A HUD that mimics Mission Planner, with easy to read information. Data like current and target altitude, curent and target Ground Speed (and Air Speed), heading, flight mode, distance to next waypoint, next waypoint, roll and pitch.
  • A flight map with the drone position (rotation and flight path included), current mission waypoints.
  • Guided mode by long clicking a position on the map.
  • Menu to change the current flight mode and waypoint.
  • Offline maps - Loaded from tiles saved on the SDcard
  • Publishing the app on Google Play, for an easier installation and update.
  • Clean-up of most of the code.


I'm doing the development with the help of HAL simulation in X-plane, that helps to generate a simple interface to use in the field (since I'm always testing with a plane in simulated flight and the APM board). I haven't done any field test's since I'm waiting for my RF modules arrive from 3DRobotics. 


One point I would like to share is that I can fly the PT60 from X-plane using only the information from the Tablet, and in manual mode (but since there isn't the latency of the RF link this my not be possible in real life).



I haven't used it in the field, so be careful if you want to try that ( and please share the results). I'm posting the current state of the app to have some feedback (and hopefully someone interest in to helping me).

If you find some bug or have a idea for improvement add it to the Issue list on github. And if you want to help the code is on GitHub, and has a very simple build process ( Everything is in Java and compiles with the standard Android SDK).


To test the app you need TCP access to the telemetry stream, take a look here to see how to do that.


Obs: I'm using some of the Mission Planner Icons, if the developers have a problem with this contact me and I'll change them.

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  • Wow! this is a very handy app. Ive been looking for a mobile ground control. As soon as i have some Google play money i will donate.

  • I´ve succeeded to use the DroidPlanner (by A. Benemann) software with my Arducopter using a standard 3DR telemetry link in a real flight tests on the field. See details on this blog and this video

    Congrats Arthur: really a nice piece of software.


  • Thanks for sharing Arthur !

  • Developer

    Rana: Where did you buy "EthernetGCS" module ?

    The module is still in development, if you want to take a peak at the hardware/firmware here is the link to githubThere is a discussion about the board here.

    Contribute to arthurbenemann/EthernetGCS development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • Arthur' you are correct your way of thinking, 3DR radio will have much much larger range. But since this module can be hooked to an amplifier' so range won,t be a problem and in that case it will have much much larger range as compared with 3DR radio.

    Where did you buy "EthernetGCS" module ?3692662638?profile=original

    I shall soon contact you through private message related to your app not getting installed in my tab:

  • Developer

    I have seen the module, and it should work. But the range will smaller compared to a 3DR telemetry module (the receiver sensitivity is -83dBm). I'm going with the EthernetGCS since I'll build an antenna tracker for long range flights with a plane. The module can be very useful for people flying with copters at close range.

    I wanted to try a Ubiquiti radio, to have a high bandwith link for fpv. I read that Tridge has used one in the Outback Challenge, but I haven't find any reviews on  his radio system.

    About the problems in installing Droidplanner please contact me trough a private message.

  • Arthur, nice to hear ! I already have Google Map installed on my tab.

    Have you ever thought considering "RN-XV WiFly Module - RP-SMA" ?

    Its TTL UART to Wi-Fi, having SMA connector at the output means, for higher range, you can always hook a 1Watt or or higher Wi-Fi amplifier.

    It gets fitted on to the regular X-Bee's adapter and the APM will handshake at normal 57600bps.

  • Developer

    @c j g

    Can you explain a little better what you want?

    A simple way to access the telemetry data will be the EthernetGCS board which is currently on development. It connects to a "3DR air module" on the drone and can be connected to a WiFi router to be accessed wireless by a Android App. I'm using a prototype of this board currently to develop the Droidplanner app, and Andropilot should be compatible via it's TCP function.


  • @arthur. 

    Could you/kevin think about a little/lightwight android-app for the telemetry stream?

    apm>blutooth>smartphone (android) > tcp server (mavlink stream)? So we could build a modular setup, where we could switch the GCSs ... best c.

  • Developer

    No I haven't joined Andropilot, mostly because I has having problems building the code (which is written in Scala, and to setup the compiler in windows is troublesome). But I have sent Kevin the HUD I coded.

    I have received your donation (and another one), thanks for supporting the development of the App (that already covers the cost to publish on Google Play :). Is the $10  donation reasonable? (Google should have a donation option for free apps where you enter the amount you want to give)

    About your tablet I will talk to you in private, but a good test is to install GoogleMaps.

    Maps - Navigate & Explore - Apps on Google Play
    Navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. Over 220 countries and territories mapped and hundreds of millions of businesses and places o…
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