[Update] DroidPlanner v0.8.0

Another update on DroidPlanner, now it has a parameter screen. The new app (v0.8.0) will be on Google Play shortly.


The new version has the following updates ( v0.8.0 over v0.7.5):

  • Parameter screen, with the ability to read/write/save parameters from an ArduPilot board

  • Camera screen, virtual sticks to control a camera gimbal

  • Follow-me mode

  • Better handling of the MAVLink connection, which means les crashes and a more continue experience through the app.

  • Map type selection

Use all the new features with caution, since they haven't been totally tested (that means no complaining to me if you break anything). Now let me give some advice on how to use the new features.

Parameter screen

This is the screen in the image above. Just connect to your drone and hit refresh, it will load all the parameters. If you change some parameter it will turn red, meaning that it's different from what is on the drone. Pressing Write will send only the modified parameter to the drone.

A good use for this screen (besides tweaking your configurations on the field) is to just load the parameters and hit save when you will start your day on the field. That will generate a configuration file that you can use for backup.

Camera screen

This screen is just like the RC override, but it's designed to control a camera gimbal. Channels 6 to 8 are overridden in this way:

Joystick - RC Chnnel - Camera Output
Right Tilt - CH6 - Camera Tilt
Right Pan - CH7 - Camera Roll
Left Pan - CH8 - Camera Pan

A possible configuration of your ArduPilot is showed on the next image.


It will not work with a plane since it overrides CH8 (which is the mode channel on ArduPlane).

Follow-me mode

This is just a beta test of this mode, it's disabled by default so if you want to try it go to your settings menu. To use it make sure you have GPS enabled and set your default altitude correctly, to enable go to "Follow" on the Flight Data screen menu.

Be very careful!

More info

For more information I suggest the DroidPlanner Wiki page ( for info on how to connect, what device to use, how to develop ...). Or older posts on DiyDrones. For an alternative way to install the app download it here: DroidPlanner_v0.8.0.apk (but is better if you download from google Play).

As always if you want to help consider donating for the project by buying this app, joining the development team, or reporting a issue/bug/improvement on GitHub.

Your feedback is very important.

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  • Developer


    Do you know if that will work using same library's as the native Bluetooth?

  • I have to check what version of xoom2 about the test with bluetooth its with a bluetooth dongle throught otg in your tablet, so you could simulate bluetooth on it, did you get it?

  • Developer

    "usb throught usb to test" can you explain that?

    Does the xoom 2 runs Android 4.0 or newer?

  • Vix.. I have to try again, i didnt try to plug first the radio and then see if would appear any window asking about opening droidplanner, I am going to try that. Ive tried also to install the app in a xoom 2 Motorola tablet but in this case the app even is not shown in play store to install and when i tried to get the 0.8.0 apk was impossible to install. About bluetooth, cant you use an usb throught usb to test and develop the support for it? so you wouldnt need a new tablet. I am in Fortaleza, far far away, wasnt that I would borrow you my phone. Thanx for the excellent work you've done!

  • Developer


    If when you connected the APM board a window with a option to use droidplanner showed up you, it's very probable that the app will most work. Sometimes you just have to press connect a couple of times (2 or 3 clicks).

    I'm at RS, Novo Hamburgo.

  • Arthur, I've tested with an Ainol my father has and it didnt work, there is otg support as I connect a "pendrive", the app starts but when click in connect the status show a message saying droidplanner was disconnected. Where are you here in Brazil? I am waiting anxiously for the support of bluetooth as my galaxy grand duos doesnt support OTG.

  • Developer

    By the way here is a picture of a teardown of my tablet:


  • Developer


    It's hard to tell if a device will work, since there are so many of them. The requirements for DroidPlanner are:

    • USB port*
    • Android 4.0 or up
    • A 3DR telemetry kit

    The * it's the catch: most devices have an usb port, but some don't implement the full functionality (we need USB host mode with support for serial devices). You can always have a bad luck and buy one of the minority that doesn't support the USB serial port. And you will not find this in any specification.

    The best way to be sure is to test the device before you buy it, or buy a device that has already been tested. Here is a list of devices that user's reported as compatible:

    I would recommend the nexus 7, but if you are using it only for this purpose it may be a little expensive. I use a cheap 7 inch tablet that I bought at the local store . The one you showed looks a lot like my mine.

    Nothing important bellow this line:

    You can say that this compatibility wouldn't be a issue with apple, but if you can buy an Ipad I'm sure you could buy a Nexus. And then you would not have any compatibility issues. And if you want to risk you could buy 4 to 6 cheap Android devices :).

    Ground Control Station for Android Devices. Contribute to arthurbenemann/droidplanner development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • Loving your work Arthur.
    Being an Apple fan, I've never had an android device, is there a minimum spec that would be recommended.
    I've seen this which is a reasonable price as long as it would be fit for purpose.
    Any views would be appreciated.
  • Have loaded Version 8.2.2 on my NEXUS 7 tablet. Application is running with 3DR link.

    Yet to try a flight with my Easy Star test bed.

This reply was deleted.