[Update] DroidPlanner v0.9.0

Another update on DroidPlanner, now it has nicer HUD. The new app (v0.9.0) is on Google Play. 663c4da8-d850-11e2-992b-7d5adc28ff08.png

The new version has the following updates ( v0.9.0 over v0.8.0):

  • New HUD
  • Removing old Terminal screen
  • APM level calibration using a menu button.
  • Ability to read/save parameters from/to a .param file.
  • Russian language available
  • Greek language available
  • Latvian language available
  • German language available
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Improvements to the code structure

I would like to thanks everyone that is getting involved with the project, developing, donating and reporting bugs. Here is a list of the developers. I have made a small video of the project history (using gource), here it is (run in 720p to see the people/folders names):

For more information I suggest the DroidPlanner Wiki page. And as always if you want to help consider donating for the project by buying this app, joining the development team, or reporting a issue/bug/improvement on GitHub.

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  • Thanks for this great tool
  • It could be really wonderfull if DroidPlanner would be compatible with UDB and AUAV boards. I believe it would be like merging two great designs (UDB/AUAV with DroidPlanner).

    Best regards


  • Developer

    @Arthur, the UDB4 uses a dsPIC33FJ256 Controller.  We are using about 11% of the 30K of RAM, and about 21% of the 87K of ROM.  The UDB4 is a mature solution. Another aboard that supports MatrixPilot is the AUAV3 (dsPIC33EP512MU810, 53K RAM, 180K ROM)), which has more capabilities and flew with autonomous takeoff for the first time at Sparkfun AVC a couple of weeks ago.(although some features of AUAV3 like USB support are under software development and the board is only supported in trunk and branches, not yet in a formal software release.)

  • Can droid planner be downloaded from else were as well as my Novo 10 tablet can not get apps from google play .

  • Are you able to do any PID tuning with your app?
  • Developer

    Hi Arthur,

    I love your App, Pete introduced me to it recently and I'm really excited about playing around with it on the development side. I have a WiFi/Ethernet connection on my UDB4 and it works great over TCP. I'm surprised DroidPlanner doesn't have a UDP option which is common with MAVlink for one-way downlink connections. I had already planned this weekend to dive into it further to see what I can do to push this through as being "full supported" by the Matrix Pilot code library used on the UDB4 and AUAV3 hardware platforms.

  • Hi Pete ! Its really great to hear from you on UDB4 working with DroidPlanner. I have been successfully flying with UDB4 with modified code of GluonPilot 2, which has the same processor and almost same IMU sensors. 

    Regards, Rana

  • Very nice video and the app too !

  • Developer

    It's nice to see a PIC on there, looking at some C code it's inspiring ( I have been playing too much with C++ and Java). What PIC do you use in there? I'm happy to see compatibility with other autopilot's as well, standardizing in the MAVlink protocol was a great move that this community has made.

    I'll take a look at the issue later, and get back to you at Github.

  • Developer

    Arthur, I have installed DroidPlanner on aSamsung Galay 10.1 inch Tab 2, purchased USB OTG cable, and connected to myMatrixPilot on a UDB4 and the HUD / Map are working just fine in ground tests. Thanks very much to all the development team.  

    The viewing of parameters in the plane, required a work around (don't check for mavlink sysid) in our own code, and I will log that as an issue on github in a little while.

    Best wishes, Pete

    P.S. Photo of DroidPlanner working with UDB4 in development environment enclosed. (board tilted to show HUD is working , along with GPS).


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