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  • Fantastic Presentation Walter!

    It is one thing reading a bit here and there, compared with a full real-life

    detailed run down of running a drone survey business. I am more or less

    on the same track though coming from a town-planners angle, so it was great to see.

    My greatest tip would be to switch to 25mm CF frame design - and you will find yourself

    in Multicopter LegoLand, with great cross manufacturer compatibility. I too went with

    SteadiDrones but upgraded to full Cinestar class craft in wake of quality and licensing requirements

    from the Israeli civil aviation authorities. And yup - we have a full set of DO's & DON'Ts over here

    which is a true eye opener.

    Second, I would highly recommend you take a look at Acute3D and ask for a trial period of their advanced systems, which you can test with your existing data sets. Skyline's Terra Explorer is compatible with

    the file format too.

    Cheers - Great show!

    Feel free to PM me for any specific tips if needed


  • Excellent presentation Walter and I rate it as the most enjoyable and informative post I have viewed for a number of months. Best of luck and thanks
  • You bet, lots of stress but after fifty or so successful flights it gets better. ;-)

  • MR60

    Excellent and instructive!

    Didn't you have some stress when you flew the drone 50m above a city out of sight? 

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