USA Trip Canceled

I just saw on the youtube that Trent has canceled the USA Trip, after a tip stall and bad crash. For me this can show and teach many things who are out there and see this as a simple job to do. When people see a UAS flying, they think they can start a business easily out of it or start flying like a pro. 

When you start flying constantly and frequently, problems start to appear and this is a great example. For me it was a big attempt and a good lecture. I appreciate Trent for his afford and his attempt. I encourage  him to start a blog post about the problems he had and lectures he had taken. Good job Trent. 

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  • I'm serious when I say focus on the lessons learned and the experience gained.  There will always be setbacks in everything you endeavor to do.  It would be easy to feel bad about not making your original goal, but pay attention to everything you've learned in this attempt.  I know all too well what a crash feels like, but when the sting starts to fade, there is a ton there to be learned if you look for it.  You've just stepped up a level or two above everyone else who has never tried to do anything like this.  More than luck or sense (my grandma always said I had more luck than sense) I think success comes to those that just stick it out no matter what and keep working at it.

    A long country RC flight is something I've dreamed of doing since I was a kid, so I was really interested to see how things worked out for you guys.

    Good luck, take a breather, and then keep pushing forward!

  • Trent...

    If you come by Albuquerque NM (not too far from holbrock Az) I will give you an X8 wing and some other stuff I'm not using. My ranch also has 160 acres of flying with no big cities near. I'm 68 yo now and I need to get rid of a lot of this stuff.


  • Well now you have some experience on what will go wrong when you run equipment hard, for long lengths of time, over varying terrain and climates.  You will have a whole year to solve issues and try again!  Time to make up some programs to long term test auto pilots, sensors and servos for tons of hours and see what brands/types hold up the best.  Im sure next year if you don't finish, you will make it much much further.

  • I'm going to keep watching, Trent.  I am looking forward to a trip summary and lessons learned kind of show.  I am sure we can all learn valuable tips from your recent  experience. And most important, keep thinking big!

  • Agreed. I think Trent and the team did pretty well to even get that far. I backed his IndieGoGo campaign, and I'd do it again in a heart beat!!! They tried hard, but stopped at the right point. Here's to trying again!!
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