Last Friday I had fun witnessing Diether Engelhard and Andreas Breitenstein pulling off four 1hr flawess flights in one day with their APM1 equipped X8 to map some 900 hectares of farmlands in Namibia. The X8 covered a total distance of 240km to provide high resloution aerial imagery - altogether some 9000 20MP images captured with a Samsung NX 1000 camera. This is a classic example of how small, private sector enterprise entrepreneurism and initiative can lead a country to self sufficiency in mapping. Instead of procuring in the expensive coorporate international markets, often advantaged by donor country governments or international finance institutions, Namibia can now turn to it's very own small enterprises to intelligently update and enhance geo-spatial information as and where needed. The true agents of technology transfer, innovative applications and capacity building in the developing world are unfortunately all too often overlooked by the international development sector. 3689628261?profile=original3689628190?profile=original


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  • Good one guys, keep it up!

  • Excellent application of technology :-)

  • Nice work!

    Just as well it is APM1, since the US government thinks you'd be dangerous with anything faster!  Aren't you glad the authorities have your best interests at heart? ;)

  • 3D Robotics

    I've still got an APM 1-powered X8, too! As long as it's the Atmega2560-chip version, it works great with the current code.

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