UxV control station - first video

This is just a short technology preview for the mission control part of my UxV Control Station project. It does already talk to the APM but besides decoding GPS data, it has no function yet. But development is going on.

Sorry about the focus... My videocam is rather cheap... It can't handle the brightness of the TFT.

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  • @Jason

    Yeh, I do agree that simplicity is nice. If I want a GCS I'd rather lean towards a purpose-built rig, perhaps in a vehicle.


    Very true, yet compatibility between the devices could be really cool. Great work!

  • @Jordi:

    I'm not really interested in the OSRC project because it's primarily an RC TX. If I wanted that, I could have taken a 9x radio with Open9X with the APM functions. My focus is on UAVs. I don't need to record stick movements and play them back while watching the sticks moving by servos. Or 50 different variants of mixes.

    Their focus is on the RC part, my focus is on the mission part and the integration. If you check my design, i.e. the list of products, you will find that e.g. the enclosure I choose is a good deal bigger than a normal RC TX. And it's a desk enclosure, so, less comfortable to use like a regular TX but with much more space.

    And - as a little preview - once I got the GCS operational, my next project will be OLED-based flight instruments, which can be connected to any GCS.

  • Hi Jordi! Love the OSRC module system, this is indeed what the 9xr community should be.... first to the finish line as it were... The OSRC has one problem... in my opinion, this is really pushing the envelope of features you have hanging on your belly... time will tell of course and I may be wrong, but at some point you have to think this is way to much hanging on my neck.... sooner or later there will be a natural line between a transmitter and a ground station. Who knows though, I could be wrong.... I am very technical and can multi-task with the best of them, though personally with that much capability, I personally would rather be standing in front of a tri-podded Pelican or even in a control vehicle... cheers!

  • Awesome Stefan!

  • Have you considered partnering with the OSRC guys? I foresee great potential in both of these projects... :)

    Open Source Remote Control system that can do anything. FPV flight, UAV control, robot manipulation as well as many other applications can be achieve…
  • Well, I live in Finland and it's winter - so no sunlight... xD Just kidding...

    I haven't tested it outside yet but I have tested it with my LED Lenser P6 and it looks pretty ok. The backlight is very bright and the glass has some anti-mirror coating. Electronic Assembly produces displays for industrial embedded systems, so I would expect good products. At least the readability angles are enormous. Almost +/- 90° in all directions, mostly limited by the anti-glare coating and the touchpanel.

    Here's a datasheet: http://www.lcd-module.de/eng/pdf/grafik/ediptft43-ae.pdf

  • How well does the LCD work in sunlight?

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