UxV-CS PFD is ready

What happens if you lose line of sight to your UAV or your FPV videolink breaks down?

If you still have a working telemetry link, the PFD-display of the UxV-CS might just help you bring your bird back in one piece. It shows a simplified attitude indicator (the display isn't designed for heavy graphics), a compass rose with a heading bug showing the bearing to the home location and airspeed, speed over ground, vertical speed and altitude. If you know your terrain, with that data you should be able to get you UAV back into LoS / FPV-range.

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  • Display manufacturer: www.lcd-module.com, sells also directly

  • Thanks - Looks great! Wish it was less than say an android tablet but I understand why :)

  • first link

    second one

    third one

  • Stefan, where can that display be purchased? I tried searching but didn't find it...

  • I think that your project is looking very good and keeping it open source can just increase and contribute your hard work and imagination and can take your project very far

    so thank you for your hard work and keep developing and inventing new stuff

  • If you like the PFD, wait until I have this project finished. My next project will be MAVLink compatible flight instruments, based on OLED displays :).

  • Sell what? The station? Nah... I don't have the resources to start building stuff to sell it. And building it yourself won't be hard. For the mission control part (which will work without R/C-TX also) you will only need an Arduino Mega 2560, an eDIPTFT43-TA display (with touchscreen) and some radiolink to your APM. FrSky Telemetry will be integrated too but that's purely optional.

  • You did not think to sell it?

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