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  • Hi, I'm still alive and breathing! Doing more work than ever on "Atto" stuff. I didn't intend the video on V4 for wide audience so I took it off the Vimeo sit this morning. The V4 proto is at level of board + 1 mile of wires and just recently etched a 2nd level prototype on a single PCB. New gyros are rather expen$ive (ADXRS450). The V4 will probably be a high end product not suitable for low cost sales, however code spinoffs will find themselves into low cost versions. There are plans for tiers of products from sub-$500 through $10k. All speculative at this point.

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    Yep the 1.8 was $600 uses thermopiles and must be at least four years olds and still works fine.

  • From what I have seen it was the first (and one of a very few) systems to work out of the box in a professional manner. It was expensive when I looked at it but in hind sight cheap compared to:- a draw of stuff that doesn't really work yet and the huge time investment required to piece it all together.

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    Deans systems are not just promising, they are excellent!! I have used one for years (ver 1.8) and it has many features that I just love. I guess for many people this will be the first time they have ever heard of them.

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