Variable Pitch Quad Rotor - M/UAV

Variable Pitch Quad Rotor - M/UAV


DIY project ranging from a 600cc 120HP etec Ski-Doo engine, UltraSport 254 tail rotors, extruded aluminum blades from Vortech, aluminum / steel tube structural components, and a carbon fiber reinforced polymer monocoque frame.

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  • The first video is exactly what I was looking for! Almost identical to my plans, only using drive shafts instead of belts. A belt still couples the drive train to the drive shaft to absorb vibration induced by the 2-stroke engine. Did I mention mine weighs about 200lbs and seats an human being?
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    Oh and

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    Well there are several flying now, this being the most impressive

  • Here I am, still a work in progress. Doesn't anyone wonder what a variable pitch quad rotor UAV could do? I've got the whole thing built on paper, and most of the parts to make it happen. I just need about $20k to get a flying prototype off the ground, and $50K to start testing this beast in the real world. Maybe someone interested wants to buy everything from me? This has to be worth millions in the correct hands, whether it's autonomous package delivery or manned urban maneuvers...
  • 2.5 years and nobody has even attempted this yet? Real life gets in the way, but I'm the only dummy with big dreams? Guess I have to do this for real just so it can be "done"

  • Pictures soon, also some proof-of-concept video + my rotor diameter



  • Still working on this, real life gets in the way. Someday I will post my progress.

  • personal achievement.
  • Doesn't seem right, but four 48" rotors is the equivalent of one 16' rotor...


    1400lbs static thrust???

  • Are you developing this as a product prototype or for personal accomplishment? I sent friend request, will talk further on it, not on the forum.
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