Version 10 of my Custom Frame for AC2



After several crashes my frame has finally evolved into something I'm fairly happy with. It uses all standard AC2 kit electronics, but custom built frame/arms, etc. It has a modular base so I can easily change out Camera mount for just plain, centralised battery mount. The camera mount has an offset battery position to keep COG towards the middle. The camera mount base has silicone dampeners (from CD-Rom drive) to minimise vibes, as well as velcro on the final mount.


The pictures show the wooden prototype and then final 3mm Acrylic flying example (above and at the bottom.)


Some specs:

-1280 APM, 850Kv 2830/12 standard motors, and 20Amp ESC's from jDrones

-5000mAh 3S Lipo Turnigy

-GoPro HD, outputting to 1.2Ghz Tx for 7" TFT & Fatshark goggles on ground for FPV flying.

-2.46 Beta code

-Current sensor, sonar, Turnigy scale light kit

-12mm Aluminium arms, (Carbon ones on way from Hobbyking) PDB in middle of frame sandwich with ESC's.

-Laser cut 3mm Acrylic double sandwich long legs to keep GoPro clear of grass

-Frame plates are 3mm laser cut acrylic (wanted Alum, but quotes too expensive to get cut so far, still looking)

-Modified Motor mounts to allow 4 rubber o-rings on screws for Anti-Vibes.

-Droidworx PetG dome


Here is a video of it:




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  • like this one?

  • Oh yeah? I know of Ponoko, but not shapeways. If I get some spare Domes I'd be happy to send one over, you can then make a mold of it like I did, and get a local company to vac form a few off very cheaply.

  • I think we can design and produce something with Shapeways, do you know it?


  • Hi Giu, Oh I see, sorry about that. The dome is available from Droidworx, they're fairly expensive though. I made a male mold, modified it slightly, and I'm vac forming my ownusing a home-made vac former, I'll post a vid of it in action later.

    PetG is a good material, but degrades in our harsh sun (no Ozone layer in Nz!), polycarbonate is the best for weight, and impact resistance though. I've had two massive crashes where everything has broken, but the GoPro, and the APM/Shield always seem to survive :)

    I agree with you about the exposed motors, wondering about a light mesh guard for each motor at the top, amazing amount of crap gets picked up at ground level eh?

  • Thanks for the reply. However, I meant in particular the dome? How did you do it? Curved surfaces are quite difficult...

    I think that the all AC2 frame concept is to be re-build from scratch. A little and soft "crash" and all arms are brokens, in particular the mounting of the motors. Motors and electronics should be well protected. Moreover, motors are too exposed to air. Dust, terrain grains or other small particles, if enter the motor is the end. It happened to me twice.



  • @ Andre, yeah still unsure of the best place to put it, and maybe shield the cable. It pulses in alt hold/loiter, which might be explained by the interference you refer to, Thanks for that, I'll have a play.


    @giu All materials used are in the main text, I use a cheap, chinese 60W CO2 laser machine to cut everything, makes life very easy, and fun. I took original Arducopter frame parts, and threw most of it away. Some aspects of the design I kept, like motor mounts are only slightly modified etc. Lots of time, crashes, trial and error!


    thanks for your kind comments, as it's all open source, I'm happy to share files, etc with the community :)

  • How did u do it? I mean, from the design to the realization, which tools/materials did u use ?



  • Very nice setup ! Just one thing that I noticed that seemed curious. You place your sonar right beneath your battery. As far as I know placing the sonar close to high currents can cause interference.


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