Vertical Technologies launches the DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW VTOL surveillance UAV

After the successful launch of the DeltaQuad Pro, and DeltaQuad Pro #MAP, Vertical Technologies has now launched the DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW; A long range surveillance drone based on the DeltaQuad hybrid VTOL fixed wing UAV.

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW offers all the advantages of the DeltaQuad Pro and is equipped with a high grade surveillance camera. The available surveillance packages range from entry-level nose cameras to state of the art computer guided thermal & RGB controllable gimbals. Every package is accompanied by a carefully selected video transmission system for optimal quality and range. 

This newest addition to our range of DeltaQuad models has been developed and tested for more then 6 months and is currently in active duty with several launching customers. The 3 surveillance payloads to choose from range from simple static SD video to full HD 30km range dual thermal & RGB camera gimbals with object tracking and automatic retracting. 

Check out all the specs and options at

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