Video - SteadiDrone QU4D

Hey again all DIY'rs, hope you are all well and having as much fun flying as we are!

Just a very quick one here, we've just uploaded a short clip of the new SteadiDrone QU4D. After taking it out for a few hours where we really through it around hard, we must say it's a pretty sweet solid quad. We've spent many hours trying to make this the easiest and most practical quadcopter to use and travel with, as high performance and feature rich as we could possible make it for what we think is a pretty good price point for a fully RTF kit with it's unique features.

As with all our systems, it's flying the trusted ArduCopter code and altough we did have a few crashes (as you'l see in the video) they were due to us having a little too much fun, no technial issues at all. Anywoo, for more info, specs etc have a look at the website

Here's the clip, please let us know your thoughts and comments, we hope you like it as much as we do. Thanks again to all the devs for the great code!

over and out.

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  • Thanks Phil :)

  • 335 for this frame, and all it's features (remember it includes the gimbal!) we thinkg is very good, can the phantom fold up in 5 second and fit in a backpack ? I don't think so, can you easily replace VERY cheap parts on the phantom if you smash it (which you will) ? again, I don't think so..

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    @Jhon don't buy it then! Its easy to call price on something when you have spent no time bringing it to market.

  • Nice works boys.

  • only?  250€ for just a frame of 4 tubes and two main plates is reasonable?
    you can get a full dji phantom for twice the price.

  • It's only $335 for the frame.  Seems pretty reasonable to me.  

  • why is so expensive this frame?

  • Also, have you had similiar result (no jello) in full daylight?  At least with the gopro, lower light situations can give footage with no jello a lot of times where full sunlight gives jello.  This has been tested true quite a few times on the gopro, not sure about the Contour.  I believe it's due to the sensor working a bit harder plus a higher aperture, but I am really not sure.

  • Thanks Robert.  Could you post some pictures?

  • Yeah, most of the "secrets" are in the RustyGimbal thread on RCG.  It really all comes down to the kinematics of the system.  Placement of masses and geometries.  Also, most gimbals on the market are completely rubbish and make the situation so much worse.  My DwarfStar was supposed to demonstrate this vibration damping in concert with a proper gimbal design, but it died before I could get a camera on it.  But I could see the camera mounting frame was doing it's job.

    A lot of the concepts come from my background in automotive engineering.  

    The camera here is an older Contour1080.  Airframe is a 3DR quad.

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