Video - SteadiDrone QU4D

Hey again all DIY'rs, hope you are all well and having as much fun flying as we are!

Just a very quick one here, we've just uploaded a short clip of the new SteadiDrone QU4D. After taking it out for a few hours where we really through it around hard, we must say it's a pretty sweet solid quad. We've spent many hours trying to make this the easiest and most practical quadcopter to use and travel with, as high performance and feature rich as we could possible make it for what we think is a pretty good price point for a fully RTF kit with it's unique features.

As with all our systems, it's flying the trusted ArduCopter code and altough we did have a few crashes (as you'l see in the video) they were due to us having a little too much fun, no technial issues at all. Anywoo, for more info, specs etc have a look at the website

Here's the clip, please let us know your thoughts and comments, we hope you like it as much as we do. Thanks again to all the devs for the great code!

over and out.

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  • if you lower the shutter speed you can obviously make "invisible" a propeller, but we are talking about high frequency vibrations, the goal is to decrease the time between the first scanned line and last one,
    thats why global shutter CCD cams are much more immune to vibrations, they become  much less visible, 
    I can't see how lowering the shutter speed could help if the vibrations are transmitted to the whole sensor, is not a spot in a stable image like a propeller

  • Sorry Jhon, but I must agree with Max here, my background is film and tv production, and lowering the shutterspeed seems the obvious solution, not a higher shutterspeed. Lower shutterspeeds gives far smoother motion and 'hides' a lot of things that you pick up at higher sutter speeds. Max, I've ordered some of those Polarpo filters :) Thanks again.

  • you are wrong, this way you just slow down the shutter, that means the jello effect is going to be even worst
    you need to speed up the shutter, not slow it down,
    in the video the prop end up more invisible because the shutter is open more time... but is not usefull at all when vibrations are the problem, you will get an even worst jello effect.

  • Developer

    @Duran, Thanks, waiting to see the new mounts.

    BTW you can take some of the 'rolling shutter' out by lowering shutter speed ;) since there is no settings on the gopro, just add ND filter, I use piece of polarizing film, makes it look much smoother. Polarpro have clipon filters for GoPro3 on pre-order now. 

    Here is nice DIY for older goprops:

    Fix GO PRO Shutter Strobe on airplane propeller from Phil Boyer on Vimeo.

  • Max - Thanks!

    ESC go inside the airframe, very nice and neat, depending on your video tx, you may have enough room yes, we've made it bit and roomy for diy :) We initially ran 12" props, but we get some if the tips in the (wide) gopro shots, 10" work perfectly and actually, according to math, are more efficient.

    Regarding the slight 'jello' we've just designed a brand new motor mount tweak which we will test this weekend very exciting! Will post pics and results soon.

  • Developer

    @Duran, love the video ! 

    Few questions:

    Where the ESCs go and is there a room for video TX inside the frame ? 

    And what is max prop size for wide mode ?


    P.S. next is Y6 frame ;) 

  • i am sorry if someone was ofended by my comment, i like a lot this frame and i hate not to be able to afford it, maybe a version of a cheapear material could be made? by the way, round arms is a wise selection? you cant never know if the motors are 100% vertical and the motor attachment could end up drifting easier than in a square arm

  • only?  250€ for just a frame of 4 tubes and two main plates is reasonable?
    you can get a full dji phantom for twice the price.

    Is it reasonable to charge twice the price for a frame that consists of just $5 of plastic, $50 of motors, and $200 of electronics?

    I have done a small volume run of carbon fiber, I know what it costs.

  • Dennis - HAHA, sratch that itch, it feels (and flys) so good! ;)

  • @Jhon, two questions for you.

    1) Would you work for slave wages?

    2)If it were your business, would you distribute through a dealer network?

    If your answer is no for either question, then you have your answer why the cost is $335. If you answer yes, knock yourself out. Make and sell a million of them.

    Duran, it is a very nice frame. I like it. It gives me a bit of an itch that always costs me money to scratch. :)

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