Visualising contributions to DIYDrones codebase


In the process of looking for data visualisation tools, I stumbled upon this one for GitHub so I thought I'd plug in diydrones.

It shows you all the repositories from ardupilot to APM planner as well as all the commits and code changes over time.

It reveals an astonishing amount of work done by a small group of very dedicated people - without whom we wouldn't be enjoying our flying robots. Thanks so much guys.

3689577379?profile=originalGive it a go - select the code repository and hit Run.

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  • Great point R_Lefebvre. I hate that ning doesn't show your name - way to built community.

    I love visualisation tools like this because they show people what's going on in a digestible way and also reveal the omissions, hopefully allowing us to shore them up. I'd love to move to a community platform that allowed us to reveal expertise and reward valuable contributions in whatever context is relevant. 

  • You have to be careful of tools like this, as they don't always tell the full story.  There are many contributors, such as Leonard, who don't have any commits showing.  It's because they have good ideas, but Randy does a lot of work to "format" those ideas into something that works with the rest of the code, so the commit goes to him.

  • Developer

    Oh, now I see that it will run gource soon. Great!

  • Developer

    Nice tool. I have used gource before to do similar visualizations.

    I fell like it's time to create a new video for Droidplanner, here is a old one:

  • Hi Ian,

    cool, wonder if the data on all contributors can be extracted. I used a lot GEPHI, an open source social network analysis for my social-ecological research (apart from using UAV for forest monitoring :)) , I believe the networks behind the opensource will give a great picture (structure?) :).

  • 3D Robotics

    Very cool. Thanks for posting!

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