These are the first two ready to flight prototype picture of VR Brain Core .

Are available for OEM and Beta tester different configuration of board with STM32F4 or F7 and with some additional connector like USB / SD Card or without connector that normally are available on custom distribution board.

Actually we are working at the first custrom distribution board for our VR Wasp , the ultra light complete drone compliant to under 300 gr drone for urban enviroment .


This is a picture with comparison between VR Brain 5 , VR Brain Core 6 and VR uBrain 5 as you can see the design of the core is adapt for fast protyping and for simple integration inside custom design.


For check the new VR Core 6 on air we decide to use this simple frame in 5 minutes we replace the VR uBrain and test the new board . 

In the video you can see the result of first flight ... It's impressive :) 

All the APM firmwware normally available for VR Brain 5 : Copter, Standard Hely , Plane , Rover , Boat it's available for VR Core. 

Here will be more information about the new OEM board :

For VR Core there is a porting of Cleanflight by TommyLeo

We are discussing with Alessio Morale one of the founder of Libre Pilot project for support it inside his project.

I hope that you like this new design. It's not a replace of vrbrain and vrubrain but it's for OEM and special custom design where the integration is the must .

The board is only 5 grams 

for more info contact me at : 


Roberto Navoni

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    @Hugues,Thanks , 

    its already available for OEM , or beta tester , we are developing for some company a custom solution based on our design . Normally the our customer ask us to develop a custom DB where we put VR Core as main Flight Control system . The firmware must be our release for this board  , but the APM firmware it is opensource and will be available on official diydrones repo . We are available to develop customization and integration with ROS platform for advanced project. If you need more info for a custom project contact me at



  • MR60

    Incredible weight. When will it be available and at what price?

    Does it support the standard version of the APM firmwares or must it be your released versions of it?

  • Excellent work Roberto! This small form factor is very suitable to certain applications as well as OEM.
  • 5 grams! WOW. Great Roberto, excellent work. Very proud of this Made In Italy brain!

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