This is the first preview of Next Gen STm32F7 flight control by Virtualrobotix.  New core , much power and a reliable solution based on industrial micro controller. 

A new oem and hobbyst platform with full support for :

  • Copter 
  • Helicopter 
  • Plane
  • Rover
  • Boat

This new form factor is simple fast prototyping platform for your own custom design but a reliable design for your final solution. The standard version of VR Brain core 6 support classic STM32F4 micro controller.

Will be available in mass production Q1/16 prototypes for our OEM customers will be available in December 2015

If you are not already our OEM partner and are interested to the product  contact me at 

Suggestions are welcome.



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    Hi James,

    VR Brain 4 and > is officially supported by the Official APM Github branch , we have our branch that we are using for align our code with master github . So normally the more updated github is our not the officiale because the aligment with master code need time to be done by Randy o Tridge. The internal architecture of VR Brain is different respect of Pixhawk . We use only 1 micro processor for doing what Pixhawk done using 2 micro processor so need our revision of Nuttx Os that support different module respect of Pixhawk . Normally for align the beta code need some much time because we retest all the code before to post it for the user . The stable normally is available at the same time of pixhawk release. 

    In the future will be available a special revision of code certified Eurocae 12 D , the equivalent of DO-178C in U.S. so could be possible in that situation we plan to have only 2 revision of firmware at year not much more .... 

    Normally before to release our internal beta tester fly for some hours the new code. If you need more detali contact me without problem at

    About the documentation with new VR Core we try to improve also that part of the project , thanks to buy our products and support us.


    Roberto Navoni

  • Looks nicely done. I have used your VRBrain micro in several plane projects recently and it works well. Glad to see you are continuing the theme of small form factor, it's the only way to go - legal regulations in the future will definitely give small drones the advantage.

    One thing - will you continue to use a custom branch of the ArduPilot firmware? The only issue I have with VRBrains is that the firmware always lagged behind the current releases (that and the limited documentation!). 

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    thanks yes i think that the advanced version with F7 could be very exiting platform a solid rock system very light and small adapt for any kind of robotics application and fully compliant with ROS companion computer that will be mount on our DB .

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    @Jesus A if you need one contact me by email ... so i can reserve one for you in the first beta tester batch at , tomorrow the pcb will be in production , so i think in 7-10 days to have in our lab the first board and mount it .



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    @JB ,

    so in italy the new rules for drone that flight in urban area ask drone < 300 gr  so for us is very important to have a very light drone this is the reason because we decide to develop core ... no connector for reduce the weight and improve direct integration on pcb. So the So-Dimm could be a good option but the connector is heavy the price of module will be not so much expensive so could be better a lot of modue one for each drone that you have ;) 

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    Hi Ye Wang,

    the dimension is 25 x 50 .

  • Looks good Roberto! Nice seeing the F7 upgrade.

  • Any info about dimension of this core board?

  • Nice job.

    Is there a possibility to make it a SO-DIM module for the connectors and format, so that it can be easily replaced instead of having it hard mounted on a carrier board? That way a single Vbrain module could be used over various platforms is required, and there would only be one standardised connector required to mount, instead of routing pads to accommodate the Vbrain. A hybrid of the two would be best.

    What are the dimensions of the board?

  • This is great idea Roberto.
    We ( are using drotek dropix as it thru-hole construction allows for OEM integration.

    Will be great to test it as it seems really small - This website is for sale! - droning Resources and Information.
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