Dear Friends,

yesterday we start to delivery the VR Brain Micro 5 pre order. Thanks to all guys that join the preorder in last month . I think that the first user start to receive it in the next days . We are working to update the wiki with the updates for quick start FAQ for use our new board.

The info will be update in the next hours on : 

This is the repo with bootloader , driver , updated code for vrbrain micro 4.5 and 5.0

this is internal repository where we ask the pull request to diydrone global repo .

On last mission planner we yet propagate the last patch for work with uBrain .

If you need support write down in this blog post or in virtualrobotix original post :



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  • Hi Roberto, 

    I saw you mentioned the onboard telemetry option for the VR Brain micro.

    When you mention that it's optional, do you mean it's built in to all VR Brain micro's and it can be optionally configured for either frequency?


    Is telemetry an option that needs to be ordered with the board? and if so, what is the cost and how would I request it?



  • Moderator

    Hi Marius, 

    try to reply to your questions : 

    Looking through your websites it is unclear to me:

    1. What are the differences between the VR brain micro and VR brain "normal

    2. Differences between the VR brain 4 and 5

    3. How the VR Brain is different from the Pixhawl/APM (besides a different controller)

    1) The main difference VR uBrain and VR Brain are : 

    The dimension : 

    the micro is for small drone only 9 gram 3.7 x 3.7 a good product for oem integration . 

    Micro don't have double sensor option available on standard there is double option available on GPS , INS , Baro. 

    The micro don't have can bus , the standard have can bus. 

    Micro don't have enclosure , Standard have two option for enclosure Plastic and Alu. 

    Micro have on board a telemetry option standard don't have it onboard.

    Standard have a mechanical vibration damper as option on micro is not possible.

    2) Normally we produce two board revision for year the number 4 is the year until start VRX Autopilot project . This is the fith year so the board is marked as 5. Version five is update respect of experience doing with 4. A lot of improvment and differenciation in two size micro and standard.


    3) I need a lot of time to explain difference ... i write a small doc and then share :)



  • Hello Roberto

    looks like you are going to be the pixhawk alternative for non-US customers.... and deservedly so

    Can you put VRBrain 5 for preorder on your online shop?

    Forza Italia.....

  • Hi Roberto - I am in the UK and am interested to know when we can hope to see availability in the UK for the VRBrain Micro or VRBrain 5.  It is great that this product assures that Arducopter continues to grow and be available on different hardware platforms.  

  • Hi Roberto,

    I am looking to buy a new flight controller from a great company like yourself that heavily contibutes to the community . With 3DR not shipping for over a month now, the pixhawh as a replacement for my previous APM is not an option. A chinese clone I do not want to buy due to the behaviour I have seen from them on these forums.

    Looking through your websites it is unclear to me:

    1. What are the differences between the VR brain micro and VR brain "normal

    2. Differences between the VR brain 4 and 5

    3. How the VR Brain is different from the Pixhawl/APM (besides a different controller)

    Thanks, Marius

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    Hi Mark , 

    on 250 airframe normally don't there are so much vibration .. i fix my VR uBrain with classic MK style dumper . But yes you need to cut mechanically the vibration on your frame ... we are working on a special frame upgrade of last one that cut a lot vibration also on the camera . 

    Follow the instruction on the wiki for your first quick start we try to update using the feedback of first user .

    the wiki is here   : 

    Best  and thank you for choose our VR uBrain.


  • Hi Roberto,

    A very exciting package arrived today from DHL. Thanks. Looking forward to testing these boards in our new 250 size quads.

    The .STL files are very well timed. I was just firing up sketch-up to make an enclosure.

    One question - what is the recommendation with regards to vibration dampening/isolation with the vrbrain micro. Same as for APM boards?



  • Moderator

    It's available the first revision of enclosure printable with 3d printer here :)

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    Hi Jhoann the price of micro brain is 99 euro.



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    Hi Woijciech ,

    now we are workng hard to check that all we are doing for VR uBrain it's ok after that we are ready to lunch also VR Brain 5 . We are point atention on bootloader procedure and integration with mission planner .. is not a simple process is first time also for us :) Thanks to Michael for the work that are doing in intergration of our code.

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