3689459710?profile=originalDear Friends,

our lab continue to work and improve our platform , we are working on next generation RTF and OEM platform.

The new brand will be VR BRAIN 4.0 the revision of produvt will be MP32FX V4. Put a BRAIN in your DRONE :)


The new design will be based on experience doing with MP32FX V3 and NAVY 2012 . Same great sensor MPU6000 , HMC5883 , MS barometer and STM32F1 or F4 as micro controller and Data Flash onboard for save realtime data logging .


The design will be more compact , only all in one board with put a gps on it or connected by a cable

There are also interesting news about new exclusive ST MEMS sensor supported by VR Brain but will be more news available in the future :)


For special low consuption application will be available also L1 revision of micro.

So with this new board will be available also the new VR IDE PRO .

The main adavantages of this new ide is the direct support of .PDE file so will be more simple mantain the aligment of arducopter project and support of relative path so will be more simple de zip and use enviroment without need to redefine the path ecc ecc in the eclipse.

The last revision of firmware available is ACopter32 2.5.5 updated with last revision of Arducopter 2.5.5 and fully compatible with mission planner.

The firmware that use VRBRAIN is the result of Great Work of Arducopter Dev Team that continue to improve the main code add function and quality of flight . Work of FoxTeam that continue to develop great library for STM32FX hardware and implement same revision of class and library for this great ARM micro controller, and Beta testing group that check in fly the new revision of code. LaserLab Team that every day continue to improve Hardware , Firmware and Tools for develop great open and closed source project on Multipilot platform.

Thank guys for your hard work :)

This is the link of new VRIDE is 4 part download all then dezip it.


See last video doing with the hardware that will be used also in VR BRAIN


The precision of loiter is around 2 meter


3689459731?profile=originalOriginal Post here , detail and discussion here:

here a thread of Getting Started with MP32F4 + NAVY 2012 precursor of VR BRAIN

New developer and user are welcome , this will be ideal platform also for oem developer : Autopilot and Gimbal Control systems :) The performance of VRBRAIN with ST F4 micro controller could be until 30x resource available respect at standard AVR micro controller (arduino)



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  • Hi Roberto,

    Both projects compiles and give elf files of about 131kbytes.  :-)


  • Moderator

    Hi Jake,

    VRIDE PRO is an Eclipse distribution prepared by FOXTEAM , is totally opensource and ready to use :)

    The VL-Discovery is an investiment of ST for share is micro all over the world :) So what do you mean support ST VL-Discovery ?

    The core of VR Brain is the same micro inside the VL-Discovery with a lot of mems on it . So could not be cost only 10 $ . If the ST decide to invest on VR-Brain project could be a cheaper board directly available by standard ST reseller but now is only a dream :)



  • I'm interested in the details of support for ST micro sensors.

    Any possibility of supporting an off-the-shelf dev board like the $10 ST VL-Discovery?

    Also, why not use Eclipse?  An open source project should use open source tools whenever possible, and Eclipse is more popular than VR IDE anyways!

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    Yes i think that Odev is similar to our enviroment .  We add the support for PDE file and library for F1 and F4 micro controller. What workspace work ? Our with include the PDE make file ?



  • Decompressing the 4 files stored in c:/, using IZarc or 7-ZIP, I got the following messages:

    Corrupted file: vrobotix-ide-pro\eclipse\p2\org.eclipse.equinox.p2.repository\cache\content1727518060.jar

     File ...plugins\org.eclipse.equinox.common_3.6.0.v20110523.jar  and ST-Link_V2_USBdriver.exe are also reported as corrupted.

    The nice thing now: I used the ide from ODev project, I pointed the workspace to the project, and everything compiled at first time :-)


    A few bits of code
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    Hi Angelo,

    you need to download all the part of vride pro ... put it in c:\ then decompress the file in the root . The main problem is that winrar don't support name of file > 255 . That's the error



  • I tried to download the files. I decompressed all in c:\vrobotix-ide-pro. Some files are present in all rar files, some are reported as corrupted. And at the end, when I launch eclipse, I got a error. What did I missed ?


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    Hi hazy,

    the firmware is opensource , the schematics in pdf format will be available , the pcb could be not ;)

    This is repo where you can found info on MP32FX e NAVY

    Why , because i think that share a lot information of our project is good . But i don't like a lot the people that cloning the project without have experience and without share anything with our opensource community.

    So I available to share our hardware only with a small group of serious people around the world that would share our development and improve it.

    My impression is that also 3DRobotics on APM2 doing same approach after some bad experiences .



  • Great work. Is the hardware open-source?

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