I am happy to introduce VR Neuron II's latest virtualrobotix platform.
The goal is to have the maximum possible integration from a Flight Control as VR Brain based on micro controller STM32, extremely reliable with many hours of flights behind with a companion computer based on RPI2 that through a dedicated IMU will work Parallel to the VR Brain and also to provide advanced features such as internet connectivity, management or payload or functionality of digital and brushless gimbal.

One of the best feature of Neuron is that a lot of your "old" sensor and device could be re usable in your new proget : GPS , Telemetry Module and IMU sensor is compatible with VR Neuron II Board.
We  planned to develop a modular architecture that allows the addition and improvement of the capabilities of the system through the logic of the update online and why not of online , app store.
The first platform for developers and partners will be made available from September will be immediately available software to connect to the internet and to manage payload in DIY and RTF configuration.
For some ideas that gave birth to the project I wanted to thank the guys from the project NavIO and also  Victor the CEO of Erle  Robotics as well the DIYDrones Teams that did a great work on Linux port of APM Platform :)

Great Job Guys :) 



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    Asking for OSD ( minimum - altitude, coordinates...) on Full HD videostream. Onboard. :)))

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    Hi Federico,

    so now we already  done the managment of 3 payload : 

    the Micro Brain is integrated with Neuron .

    The Micro Brain trasmit to Neuron by Mavlink the information of radio channel , Neuron use that information for control the payload. Actually is implemented the full control of GoPro , Sony Camera like QX10 /30/100 and other compatible with SDK and Thermal inspector. 

    So This is the first step and it's already done :) 

    Another application already done is H.264 low latency  digital trasmission , integrated with full control of the drone by mavlink over tcp-ip connection .

    Actually we have a lot of "Secret" development on this great platform :) 

    If some one have some great idea or want join us in development contact me pm. We are searching some guys with  a good experience on Ros and Slam for a university research project.



  • Very Good! Can we now some application you are develping for this board? a sort of "case studies" 

    Congratulations again

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