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  • @Rana
    You are mistaken, please read my comment again. "If this was".
  • Crasher, you are mistaken, please read the blog again, it is not the clone of APM2 !

  • Johnny Yu, can you paste the link of APM2 in US$80 ?

  • Developer

    I have the UDIRC 130mm mini-copter shown in the first pictures, and it's crap..  Pitch and roll stabilization is fine, but faulty altitude stabilization makes it unreliable. There is a big lag in the feedback so that you either run it into the roof or drop it to the ground (when trying to prevent it from flying into the roof). Getting a steady altitude in hover requires some kind of clairvoyance skill, since you actually have predict behavior and do throttle adjustments before it happens..

    On the other hand I also have a 220mm Ladybird clone, and that one flies great...

  • I saw other clones on DealExtreme a couple of days ago:

    Creative 2.4GHz Remote Control 4-CH Ladybug Style Flying UFO w/ Gyr... - US$ 49.10

    Mini Rechargeable 3.5-CH 4-Propellers Quad-rotor R/C UFO - Black + ... - US$ 50.80

    Both with free shipping (well, I think shipping is include in the price)

  • Distributor

    The walkera QR spacewalkeris pretty cool because you can easily switch between quad and octa mode by removing the arms

  • Actually APM 2 clone is selling at ~US$80 in China.

  • Chris,

    With respect, if this was an APM 2 clone, you'd be less than enthusiastic, what's the difference?
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