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3689442345?profile=originalPlease see this warning from the Los Angeles Police Department, sent to the California Association of Realtors. Discussion on helifreak here.  More background and discussion here. I'll be talking to the NYT about this tomorrow. 

Short form: Amateur UAV use within the usual FAA guidelines (under 400ft, within visual line-of-sight, away from built-up-areas) is allowed, as always. But commercial use requires a COA, which you're not going to get. So there's nothing new here, but it's a reminder that the guidelines will be enforced.

LAPD Warning Against Hiring Unmanned Aircraft Operators for Aerial Photos

Los Angeles authorities have asked C.A.R. to communicate this warning to REALTORS® who hire unmanned aircraft operators to take aerial photographs for marketing high-end properties.  Using these devices (also known as drones) for flight in the air with no onboard pilot may violate, among other things, the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) policy on unmanned aircrafts, and Los Angeles's local ordinance requiring permits for filming commercial motion pictures and still photographs.

The Los Angeles Police Department's (LAPD) investigation has apparently revealed that aerial photos where unmanned aircraft were observed have appeared on certain real estate sales websites.  According to FilmL.A., the LAPD Air Division has issued this warning as it intends to prosecute violators in the near future.  FilmL.A. is a public benefit company created by the City and County of Los Angeles to manage film permit activity and related issues.

Under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)'s current policy, no one can operate an unmanned aircraft in the National Airspace System without specific authority.  Operators who wish to fly an unmanned aircraft for civil use must obtain an FAA experimental airworthiness certificate, which will not be issued to an unmanned aircraft used for compensation or hire. Although the FAA allows hobbyists to fly model airplanes for recreational purposes under specific guidelines, that authority does not extend to operators flying unmanned aircraft for business purposes. More information is available from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Notice on Unmanned Aircraft Operations and the FAA's policy. 

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  • 3D Robotics

    This thread is becoming uncivil and is migrating into the subject of politics, which is not allowed on DIYD,  so I'm closing the comments. 

  • I totally agree. I think we ought to speak out as well. No harm in trying eh'.
  • I wasn't arguing, just pointing out that there are some rules which are made to be broken, simply so that you are always at the discretion of the law, or at least that's how it works out.  I think park flyers work out like this, not that a park isn't a populated area, so again at the discretion of the law.  I prefer fair, but concrete laws with no sacred cows, so that a law for you s a law for me.  
    In LA, those who write the laws, often exempt themselves and if you ask them (as I have), you would find they believe laws are to keep the cattle in line..  They often tell me not to take laws so seriously.  When I watch them, these politicians, lawyers and entertainment executives often treat themselves like they are above the law.  When they get caught in LA, there are attorneys who know judges who get charges dismissed.  I didn't believe this until a close friend got a major charge literally dismissed.  His attorney walked in to the court room and the judge stopped court to greet him..
    Where do the people have a say in the laws these days, why is it the corrupt media making laws with politicians serving bank and special interests??  
    TV and Media don't serve the people because the politicians sold out the FCC, this doesn't even give the people a fair shot!  Thank God for outlaws, someone in America has to live like a free man!
    Owners of the major networks include:
    Viacom (VIA.BResearchEstimates), which owns CBS and UPN, News Corp.(NWSResearchEstimates), which owns a majority of Fox (FOXResearch,Estimates), Walt Disney Co. (DIS:ResearchEstimates), which owns ABC, General Electric Co. (GE:ResearchEstimates), which owns NBC, and AOL Time Warner Inc. (AOLResearchEstimates), the parent company of CNN/Money, which owns the WB network. 

  • Mr. Panic, please clarify your resonse.  Which of the following do you disagree with:

    A. Following rules is the right thing to do.

    B. You should follow all rules even if you disagree with them.

  • It was an analogy. Blatant disregard for the rules doesn't change them, it only justifies them in the minds of those who write them. I don't like them, they can still affect me just the same. All I'm saying is that speaking up cant hurt.
  • Actually in LA, the speed limit is 65, but most people drive about 75-80 when the road is clear.  
    So basically unlike Germany, a speeding ticket is at the discretion of the officer.  Almost any driver can be pulled over at any time because of this discretion.  In Germany, the speed limit is 80kph, and 81kph is a ticket.  The uninformed call this fascist, I call this honest.  (many probably can't understand).  
    The American idea of discretion is a sham, which leaves a citizen vulnerable at any time to the whim of a cop.  Sad... Silly..  Probably, by design (the powers that be again).  
    PS:  The US powers that be live in 2 states, NY and CA.  The powers that be don't want you to send a drone to Bohemian Grove.  I think we should send one there just to spite this recent ordinance! 

  • Kernel, im curious. What is the best way to get the rules changed. Ignoring the rules that be and giving the powers that be more reason to make things harder for everyone? Is that a better way? Would you rather start shooting everyone who makes the rules because you don't agree with them? I don't agree with many rules. The speed limit is 65, and I don't like it so I go 90. Low and behold I get a speeding ticket. No matter how many soeeding tickets I get, the speed limit is still 65. Until I go out and get my voice heard with many like minded people, nothing will change.
  • I'm not going to argue if the rules are right or wrong.  I'm saying that following the existing rules is the right thing to do.  And if you don't like the rules, what are you doing to get the rules changed?  Not following the rules is the worst way to get the rules changed.

  • http://youtu.be/jQLwGSq0FqQ this is what your fee,s are really doing if this dont give you chills something wrong with you !

  • Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
    Albert Einstein

    Confusion of goals and perfection of means seems, in my opinion, to characterize our age.
    Albert Einstein

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