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Warning night fliers: man arrested for flying LED kite!

LED-lit night flying is all the rage in the RC world. Now comes a warning: it sometimes freaks people out and the cops have (or believe they have) broad authority to stop it. If this is what happens with a kite, what would happen with a quad?

"Man arrested for 'disorderly conduct' flying a kite rigged with LEDs after St. Paul, MN residents reported a UFO. After repeated flights an officer told Sawka, 'If I catch you doing this again, I'll come and find you and put you in jail.'"

Sawka said he'd like to fight the citation.

"Hopefully, the judge will say, 'You're here for flying a kite?' and drop the case," he said. Sawka said in August that he'd been sending lighted kites into the sky around St. Paul for about two years. He would put a "kite up a couple hundred feet and then start tying lights to the string," he said. They're "little LED bullet lights," Sawka said."

St. Paul / His kite has lights, and he's in trouble again

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  • Moderator
    Well um lets hope they don't come after me Yes beer was involved.
  • One of the upsides of the economy crashing is that cops are getting fired left and right. Won't be so many of them to arrest people for flying kites :)
  • Who can understand the minds of a socialist country.
  • T3
    I will give this guy a few bucks towards his legal fees...."disorderly conduct" if that police department better things to do like catching criminals selling our children drugs this would not have made the news.
  • I think you linked to a video of a UFO on accident.....

    Night flying is never good in populated areas.
  • bf_kite.jpg

    Ben Franklin is rolling over...
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