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  • Anyone else notice that there were two people with transmitters? One individual had what looked like FPV goggles. The transmitters were definitely not tethered together, my guess is buddybox or an independent operator for the camera.

  • Peter, I'm not saying that there nothing obviously wrong with the situation.  I just don't like it when everybody does the armchair quarterback thing based on little evidence other than a video on the internet.

    Who knows what happened.  Maybe he had a Turnigy radio. ;)

  • Sorry R but I don't agree with you on this one! everything in that video shouts 'an incapable idiot'

    No control ability (who would fly almost directly overhead among traffic and pedestrians)

    No reaction to losing control (that hex went where it wanted to go) pilot was just an observer!

    No interest whether it might have landed on someone, just can't believe the laid back attitude!

    Just encourage doing things like that if you want a total ban!

    We still don't know the extent of any damage that Trappy has done to UAV/FPV in the UK.

    It's over-strict here as it is without clowns like this!!!

  • as he arranged his pants before flight could do a test at low height if all is well .. looks like a novice rider who lost control

  • Whatever the cause (and it does look like pretty cavalier flying to me), without a full post mortem of the flight to get to the root cause, nothing will move forward. Whatever the cause, this was a very dangerous situation that could have resulted in way more property damage and potentially injury or even death. The pilot, having created a situation that can reflect very badly on the hobby, owes it to us all to provide a root cause analysis of what happened.
  • Don't think Jesus had anything to do with it Chris. By the way your name means "Disciple of Christ" Now that I'm done praying for you. How many airplanes have crashed in populated areas? How many helicopters? How many cars? Things crash, things break even with education training and maintenance. That's why suits get rich selling insurance. You guys sound like my kids when they get scared and think I'm going to take their toys away from them.

    If an individual is willing to suffer the damages by hurting someone or someones property so be it, they will suffer the consequences.  

    As far as the Black Sheep go, "Trappy or scrappy" wants trouble he likes the attention, who laughs about being mistaken as a terrorist? He's a smart guy, he knew what he was doing and what people would do, he doesn't normaly fly like that? That's all he does is fly in populated areas.

    They are going to take more than our toys away from us anyway. Crying about it on a website isn't going to do anything to stop it. Taking the Lords name in vain certainly isn't going to do anything.

  • Oh, and the fire, that is completely unsurprising.  Lipos will almost always catch fire after suffering a crash like that.  Professional operators should have a bucket of sand on hand for such events.  Fire extinguishers do not put them out, because the Lipo contains both fuel, and oxidant internally.  All you can do is smother them with cold mass to control the flames until it is out.

  • I think everybody here should hesitate before jumping to conclusions about the pilot's skill level, pre-flight, etc. etc.  First, there is no way to know what pre-flight was or was not done.  They could have spent an hour doing preflight, but that obviously does not make good YouTube fodder.  What you see might be the final stage before flight.  Who knows.

    Second, I don't know how anybody can judge the pilot's skill without first knowing what the actual failure was, or what the flight plan was.  I didn't see it yaw on the ground, I saw it start yawing once about 3 feet up.  Maybe that was the plan.  Again, we don't know.

    Did he lose orientation?  Or was he flying in GPS Atti mode, and the GPS got confused because of all the multipath reflections.  Maybe there was a motor failure, and the system simply couldn't cope.  I do notice that everything seems fine to me until it starts falling and losing attitude control and rotating at the same time. 

    I'm not saying that something obviously went wrong here.  Just don't jump to conclusions and throw stones.  It's not fair to the pilot who we haven't heard from, and it's not fair to the entire community to feed fodder to those who want a complete ban on these things.

  • I'll agree; learn to fly it before doing anything like flying in a city. Even then, the person controlling it needs to be aware that it won't fly the same way in the urban canyons as it does in the country. We don't need people that don't know how to control their aircraft giving the government any reason to put undue restrictions on us flying these things, especially if we want to use these in support of search and rescue, like the ones I want to build will be used.

  • Unfortunate that such an inexperienced pilot tried to make a flight like this. But I disagree with those that say UAV's should never be flown in such areas. There is some beautiful footage that you can get by flying in urban areas. I don't know about other people, but I don't want to see video after video of empty fields, mountains, trees, and nothing but nature landscapes.

    I think there should be some qualification necessary before flying in urban/populated areas. But I wouldn't dare ban it all together.

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