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  • Braking parachute could do the trick on landing if flaps are out of the question. Making a chute controlable with sail servo is simple enough and will not add a lot of weight.

    It was done in the past successfully on a full scale gliders and your plane is not far from being a full scale :-)

  • I did read the posts, but obviously didn't pick up on the sarcasm/joke... easy to miss with text-only communication.

    As for a suitable prop, I saw one online yesterday... will try to find the link again...

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    Gr8,  not a problem.   If you had read the previous posts ,  you would see that  he was kidding ( pun intended) to my folding prop suggestion( and hence " read the complete blog", nothing else was assumed;)).  Given the complexities and cost involved in variable pitch prop for gas engine setup , I would love to find some thing like that under hobby budget for my airframe too. tnx

  • Page 3, third post from the bottom. I agree, I haven't seen a folding prop on a gas motor before and revisiting the images, they don't appear to depict a folding prop... I took his comment at face value. That said, if he's using a fixed pitch standard prop there's still no reason that I can see that would prevent moving to a variable pitch prop... the question is merely whether it is desirable or not.

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    "Vladimir commented above that the aircraft is gas-powered and fitted with a folding prop ...  "

    Where did he say that his airframe is fitted with folding prop?   :)  

    I haven't seen a folding prop fitted to gas engine any where , so pls point me to some RC installation for the same, would like to see how it has been done. tnx & cheers

  • I did read the whole blog Morli... and have followed some of Vladimir's build posts previously. Please don't assume that just because someone's post seems unusual that they're ignorant of the discussion or haven't bothered to read it.

    Vladimir commented above that the aircraft is gas-powered and fitted with a folding prop... which I interpreted as being motivated by a desire to reduce drag while the engine was idling/off in glide mode. Drag reduction could also be achieved by a variable pitch propellor in a feathered position. Such a prop would also provide the capability for thrust reversal to help reduce the glide path length. Sure, this requires some significant changes in setup, but I don't see it as infeasible... or at least a consideration for future evolution of the vehicle. There are certainly variable pitch props available for that size motor.

    If there's something I've overlooked, by all means, please highlight it. I'm always happy to expand my understanding of aviation beyond its current limits.

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    This airframe is powered by50c.c gas engine. The setup is fixed pitch prop. Read the whole blog and see the photos on the top.

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  • Would it be practical to consider a variable pitch propeller over a folding propeller?

  • Beautiful bird. Even though I watched your build (how long did it take? Seems like a year?) I did not expect it to look so perfect. looks like a condor to me, sort of majestic.
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