WEBDrone-V flying on the Antarctic Peninsula

Here is the first video of my WBDrone-V, flying on the Antarctic Peninsula in january 2014.

WBDrone-V is Custom, CNC made Drone, with

  • Waterproof Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Weight flies 2250g (With Lipo & camera)
  • APM2.5 and Custom Arducopter 291+
  • T-Motor MT3506
  • Propeller EPP1345 NY
  • Lipo 4S 5A 30C
  • Camera JVC GC-XAEBEU
  • A lot of work and passion....
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  • As always go pro su*ks
  • @Don LeRoi: My goal is to create a multi-use high-quality Drone, for shooting in difficult conditions such as boat / Mountains / Ice (The three exist together on the peninsula).
    I am preparing another expedition on the peninsula for 2015/2016, with the theme "On and Under the sea .."
    The future will WBDrone Amphibious!
    My motivation is made a little exploration, a touch of business, but especially a lot of passion!
    Sorry for my very bad English translations which mainly uses Google :)

  • Beautiful work, Wilford!  Will you use it for hard science as well as documentaries?

    I appreciate the challenges you've faced, and obviously overcome.  I've been refining a marine version for a while - recently flew it from a ship off the coast of New Zealand to photograph sperm whales.

    I flew my standard hexa and quad at Cape Shirreff two seasons ago, to test them as platforms for obtaining photogrammetry to assess penguin and fur seal counts and to measure and estimate the weights of leopard seals.  Two associates are there now, with 2 hexas, doing just that.


  • Great video! excellent tool for finding open leads in the ice.how far are you from where the ship got stuck?I like the booties to keep the motors warm . is it amphibious  ?/ have a great day!

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    Great, just realized you've uploaded some photos as well. Appreciate your next blog with more details.. 

  • I prepare a new blog on the construction of WBDrone-V in a few days...

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    Nice work wilfrid! Would love to see a closeup photo of the drone. Any information on how you used CNC to make it?

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