What does a modular design do?

a modular design makes HeX adaptable from a quadcopter to a hexacopter even to a triple-rotor copter as the following picture shows


And also, we hope the modular design makes it friendlier to users because the complexity of putting a drone together is being brought down so that HeX is more accessible not just for hobbyists but also to more individuals in the future. 

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  • The team with HeX is on a program called Haxlr8r- an international hardware incubator which will help us polish this prototype during the period from January to April 2013 and then bring us to US to have a demo day and show up in Make Fair during May this year.  After that, we are going to start the sell on Kickstarter. 

  • ^haha! 

    This is awesome! 

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    Wonderful, give me please a tricopter. :)))

  • Idea a class when plan to sell?

  • Cool idea, if they have some kind of quick connect/release it would also make for very quick and easy field repairs, just bring a couple of more motor pods along instead of swapping props etc.
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