Currently operating my first UAV, a DJI 450 with standard equipment (motors, Esc, NAZA, GPS). I'm using a 9 channel JR receiver , EZOSD, 5000 MAH 45C battery pack, Sony 650 line camera with a  pitch axis adjustment that I fabricated that allows me to adjust from the ground, immersion 500 MW 5.8 GHZ transmitter, GoPro 3 Black, LED light system with controller. CF extended legs.

Ground equiment includes Fat Shark goggles with immersion 5.8GHZ receiver module, and a immersion 5.8 GHZ UNO feeding a 9.5 inch LCD monitor and a DVR that records MP4 to SD. I like to record the video transmitted back to the LCD monitor which I usually let someone else views while I fly by googles. That way, I can review the flight and look at the OSD data, yet I'm also recording good HD video with the GoPro

I'm looking forward to building an ArduCopter now, and have ordered what I need. I'm looking forward to learning about flying pre planned courses, and Fuller control of camera work and some of the other features of the APM that may be coming.

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Comment by Jeremy Zawodny on December 21, 2012 at 2:24pm

I'll be starting a DJI-450 based ArduCopter too, once I unwrap gifts in a few days. :-)

I'm going to use APM2.5+ and then add a GoPro and eventually some FPV gear as I get more experience.  Will be interesting to see how yours works out.

Comment by Richard Evans on December 22, 2012 at 11:50am
Mine is a standard Arducopter, with the 2.5 APM and telemetry, and sonar etc. I was referring to my other quad rotor which is a DJI FW450, also a nice platform. Wanting more advanced capabilities is what brought me to the Arducopter with it's mission planning and waypoint navigation and the fact that ii is a evolving constantly improving open source project.


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