What's going on about HeX recently

we're working on two basic systems: flight control and autopilot

As to the system of flight control, we adopted the software from an open source project called MultiWii (http://multiwii.com). We made our IMU by  soldering  an accelerometer and a gyro, both of which can be cheaply available by tearing apart a Wii remote controller, onto an Arduino chip and used the IMU to build a quadrotor test bed for flight control software. 

The above video shows how the flight control software was working on the test bed when we were debugging it.As you can see,  we failed at the beginning where the test bed could barely take off. However, finally it was able to take off smoothly.


As to the system of autopilot, for our tracking system, we decided to adopt the algorithm from TLD which's inventive feature is the ability of real-time learning on the locked target so that it can update the latest samples  for its detecting and recognizing. The following video shows its performance in tracking


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